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Dinosaurs A to Z

A Complete, A to Z List of Every Dinosaur that Ever Lived.



Albertosaurus (Royal Tyrell Museum)


Byaronosaurus, a close relative of Troodon (Pavel Riha)


Cryolophosaurus, the crested theropod informally known as "Elvisaurus" (Dmitri Bogdanov)

A complete, alphabetical list of of every dinosaur that ever lived during the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. ("Like" the Facebook page Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life!)

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Aardonyx An early stage in the evolution of sauropods.

Abelisaurus "Abel's lizard" has been recontructed from a single skull.

Abrictosaurus An early relative of Heterodontosaurus.

Abrosaurus A close Asian relative of Camarasaurus.

Abydosaurus This sauropod's intact skull was discovered in 2010.

Acanthopholis No, it's not a city in Greece.

Achelousaurus Might this have been a growth stage of Pachyrhinosaurus?

Achillobator This fierce raptor was discovered in modern-day Mongolia.

Acristavus This early hadrosaur lacked any ornamentation on its skull.

Acrocanthosaurus The largest predator of the early Cretaceous period.

Acrotholus North America's earliest bone-headed dinosaur.

Adamantisaurus This titanosaur was named 50 years after its discovery.

Adasaurus This raptor's hind claws were unusually small.

Adeopapposaurus A close relative of Massospondylus.

Aegyptosaurus Guess what country this dinosaur was found in?

Aeolosaurus Could this titanosaur have reared up on its hind legs?

Aerosteon This air-boned dinosaur may have breathed like a bird.

Afrovenator One of the few carnivores ever to be dug up in northern Africa.

Agathaumas The first ceratopsian dinosaur ever discovered.

Agilisaurus This "agile lizard" was one of the earliest ornithopods.

Agujaceratops It was once classified as a species of Chasmosaurus.

Agustinia A large, spiny-backed sauropod.

Ajkaceratops The first ceratopsian ever to be discovered in Europe.

Alamosaurus No, it wasn't named after the Alamo, but it should have been.

Alaskacephale Guess what state this pachycephalosaur was found in?

Albalophosaurus One of the few dinosaurs ever to be discovered in Japan.

Albertaceratops The most basal "centrosaurine" yet identified.

Albertadromeus This petite ornithopod was recently discovered in Canada.

Albertonykus A tiny, birdlike, North American dinosaur.

Albertosaurus This carnivorous dinosaur was a close relative of T. Rex.

Alectrosaurus Few specimens of this "unmarried lizard" have been found.

Aletopelta The first ankylosaur known to have lived in Mexico.

Alioramus All we know about this tyrannosaur is based on a single skull.

Allosaurus One of the most common predators of the Jurassic period.

Altirhinus This "high-nosed" plant eater resembled an early hadrosaur.

Alvarezsaurus A bird-like dinosaur of the late Cretaceous.

Alwalkeria This Indian dinosaur was one of the earliest saurischians.

Alxasaurus An early relative of the bizarre Therizinosaurus.

Amargasaurus A bizarre, spined sauropod from South America.

Amazonsaurus One of the few dinosaurs to be found in the Amazon basin.

Ammosaurus This may (or may not) have been the same dinosaur as Anchisaurus.

Ampelosaurus One of the best-known of the armored titanosaurs.

Amphicoelias Could it have been the biggest dinosaur that ever lived?

Amurosaurus The most complete hadrosaur to be discovered in Russia.

Anabisetia The best-attested South American ornithopod.

Anatosaurus This dinosaur is now known as either Anatotitan or Edmontosaurus.

Anatotitan This hadrosaur's name means "giant duck."

Anchiceratops This dinosaur had a distinctively shaped frill.

Anchiornis A four-winged dino-bird that resembled Microraptor.

Anchisaurus One of the first dinosaurs ever to be dug up in the U.S.

Andesaurus This titanosaur rivaled Argentinosaurus in size.

Angaturama A Brazilian relative of Spinosaurus.

Angolatitan The first dinosaur ever to be discovered in Angola.

Angulomastacator This dinosaur had a strangely shaped upper jaw.

Animantarx This "living fortress" was discovered in an unusual way.

Ankylosaurus The Cretaceous equivalent of a Sherman tank.

Anodontosaurus This "toothless lizard" actually had a full set of choppers.

Anserimimus This "goose mimic" didn’t bear much of a resemblance.

Antarctopelta The first dinosaur fossil ever discovered in Antarctica.

Antarctosaurus This titanosaur may or may not have lived in Antarctica.

Antetonitrus Either a very late prosauropod, or a very early sauropod.

Anzu This Oviraptor relative was recently discovered in North America.

Aorun A small theropod of late Jurassic Asia.

Apatosaurus The dinosaur formerly known as Brontosaurus.

Appalachiosaurus One of the few dinosaurs ever to be found in Alabama.

Aragosaurus Named after the Aragon region of Spain.

Aralosaurus Not much is known about this central Asian duckbill.

Archaeoceratops Possibly the smallest ceratopsian that ever lived.

Archaeopteryx This ancient, flying reptile was about the size of a modern pigeon.

Archaeornithomimus A likely ancestor of Ornithomimus.

Arcovenator This fierce abelisaur was recently discovered in France.

Arcusaurus This prosauropod was recently discovered in South Africa.

Argentinosaurus Possibly the largest dinosaur that ever lived.

Argyrosaurus A plus-sized titanosaur from South America.

Aristosuchus This "noble crocodile" was actually a dinosaur.

Arrhinoceratops This ceratopsian was named for its "missing" nose horn.

Astrodon The official state dinosaur of Maryland.

Asylosaurus This "unharmed lizard" escaped destruction in World War II.

Atlasaurus This sauropod had unusually long legs.

Atlascopcosaurus Named after a manufacturer of digging equipment.

Atrociraptor This "cruel thief" wasn't as atrocious as its name implies.

Aublysodon This tyrannosaur was named after a single tooth.

Aucasaurus This predator was a close relative of Carnotaurus.

Auroraceratops A close relative of Archaeoceratops.

Australodocus This sauropod was found in modern-day Tanzania.

Australovenator A brand-new carnivore from Australia.

Austroraptor The largest raptor from South America.

Austrosaurus This titanosaur was discovered near a train station.

Avaceratops This ceratopsian is represented by a single juvenile.

Aviatyrannis This "grandmother tyrant" was one of the first tyrannosaurs.

Avimimus A particularly bird-like cousin of Oviraptor.


Bactrosaurus One of the earliest of the duck-billed dinosaurs.

Bagaceratops A small ceratopsian from central Asia.

Bagaraatan No one is quite sure how to classify this theropod.

Bahariasaurus This obscure carnivore may have been the size of T. Rex.

Balaur This "stocky dragon" was recently discovered in Romania.

Bambiraptor Yes, this tiny raptor was named after you-know-who.

Barapasaurus Probably the first of the giant sauropods.

Barilium Yet another iguanodontid ornithopod of the British Isles.

Barosaurus An enormous plant-eater with a tiny head.

Barsboldia This hadrosaur was named after Rinchen Barsbold.

Baryonyx You wouldn't want to clip this dinosaur's claws.

Batyrosaurus One of the most basal hadrosaurs yet identified.

Becklespinax A strangely named theropod of the early Cretaceous period.

Beipiaosaurus The only known feathered therizinosaur.

Beishanlong This bird mimic weighed over half a ton.

Bellusaurus A herd of this sauropod drowned in a flash flood.

Berberosaurus This "Berber lizard" has proven difficult to classify.

Bicentenaria This dinosaur was named for Argentina's 200th anniversary.

Bistahieversor This tyrannosaur had more teeth than T. Rex.

Bonapartenykus This feathered dinosaur was found in close proximity to its eggs.

Bonitasaura This titanosaur wasn't as beautiful as its name implies.

Borogovia This theropod was named after a Lewis Carroll poem.

Bothriospondylus A case study in dinosaur confusion.

Brachiosaurus A giant, gentle, long-necked plant-eater.

Brachyceratops A little-known ceratopsian from North America.

Brachylophosaurus This duck-billed dinosaur's beak looked more like a parrot's.

Brachytrachelopan This sauropod had an unusually short neck.

Bravoceratops This ceratopsian was recently discovered in Texas.

Brontomerus Its name is Greek for "thunder thighs."

Bruhathkayosaurus Was this titanosaur bigger than Argentinosaurus?

Buitreraptor The oldest raptor ever discovered in South America.

Byronosaurus This theropod was a close relative of Troodon.


Camarasaurus The most common sauropod of Jurassic North America.

Camarillasaurus A ceratosaur of early Cretaceous western Europe.

Camelotia An early member of the line that evolved into sauropods.

Camptosaurus A close relative of Iguanodon.

Carcharodontosaurus Its name means "great white shark lizard." Impressed yet?

Carnotaurus The shortest arms of any meat-eater--and horns to match.

Caudipteryx A birdlike dinosaur that changed the views of paleontologists.

Centrosaurus Like a unicorn, this ceratopsian only had one horn.

Cerasinops A small ceratopsian of the late Cretaceous.

Ceratonykus This dino-bird was discovered in Mongolia in 2009.

Ceratosaurus This primitive carnivore is hard to classify.

Cetiosauriscus Not to be confused with the more famous Cetiosaurus.

Cetiosaurus Guess which creature this "whale lizard" was once mistaken for?

Changyuraptor Was this feathered dinosaur capable of flight?

Chaoyangsaurus An early ceratopsian of the late Jurassic period.

Charonosaurus This duck-billed dinosaur was much bigger than an elephant.

Chasmosaurus The only dinosaur that came with its own awning.

Chialingosaurus One of the earliest Asian stegosaurs.

Chilantaisaurus This large theropod may have been ancestral to Spinosaurus.

Chindesaurus This early dinosaur was a close relative of Herrerasaurus.

Chirostenotes This birdlike dinosaur has been known by three different names.

Chubutisaurus This titanosaur was on Tyrannotitan's lunch menu.

Chungkingosaurus This early stegosaur had some primitive characteristics.

Citipati This Mongolian theropod was a close relative of Oviraptor.

Claosaurus This "broken lizard" was a primitive hadrosaur.

Coahuilaceratops It had the longest horns of any known ceratopsian dinosaur.

Coelophysis One of the most ancient dinosaurs ever to roam the earth.

Coelurus This tiny dinosaur was a close relative of Compsognathus.

Colepiocephale This thick-skulled dinosaur's name is Greek for "knucklehead."

Compsognathus The size of a chicken, but much meaner.

Concavenator This large theropod had a bizarre hump on its back.

Conchoraptor This "conch thief" may have lunched on mollusks.

Condorraptor A small theropod of middle Jurassic South America.

Coronosaurus This "crown lizard" was once classified as a species of Centrosaurus.

Corythosaurus This "Corinthian-helmeted" dino had a distinctive mating call.

Crichtonsaurus This dinosaur was named after the author of Jurassic Park.

Cruxicheiros This "cross-handed" dinosaur was named in 2010.

Cryolophosaurus This crested carnivore was once known as "Elvisaurus."

Cryptovolans Was this the same dinosaur as Microraptor?

Cumnoria It was once mistakenly classified as a species of Iguanodon.

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