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The Dinosaur Encyclopedia

Hundreds of dinosaurs lived during the Mesozoic Era, but only a handful of them are instantly recognizable. Here's everything you need to know about the 10 most famous dinosaurs that ever lived, ranging from Allosaurus to Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Dinosaurs Spotlight10

"Megalodon: The New Evidence" - Don't Believe Everything You See

Does "Megalodon: The New Evidence" really prove that this giant shark still prowls the world's oceans? Don't bet your chum bucket.


Did this four-winged dinosaur actually fly?

10 "Titanic" Prehistoric Animals

Not all prehistoric animals bearing the Greek root "titan" in their names were equally titanic. Here are 10 notable candidates, ranked for fearsomeness according to our 10-point "titanic" scale.

10 "Mega" Prehistoric Animals

Not ever prehistoric animal with "mega" in its name is equally impressive. Here's a list of 10 "mega" beasts and how they measure up by modern standards.


Despite its name, it wasn't really the "first hadrosaur."


This ornithopod was named after its prow-shaped jaw.


This "air thief" was recently discovered in Hungary.


A medium-sized iguanodont of early Cretaceous North America.


No one is quite sure what to make of this theropod dinosaur.


As its name says, this dinosaur "loved to hunt."

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