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Daeodon (Dinohyus)



Daeodon (Carnegie Museum of Natural History)


Daeodon; pronounced DIE-oh-don; also known as Dinohyus (Greek for "terrible pig")


Plains of North America

Historical Epoch:

Miocene (23-5 million years ago)

Size and Weight:

About 12 feet long and one ton



Distinguishing Characteristics:

Large size; long, narrow head with bony "warts"


About Daeodon (Dinohyus):

Chalk up another cool name that's been lost to the technicalities of science: the giant prehistoric porker formerly, and fittingly, known as Dinohyus (Greek for "terrible pig") has now reverted back to an earlier moniker, the far less awesome Daeodon. This Miocene pig was roughly the size and weight of a modern rhinoceros or hippopotamus, with a broad, flat, warthog-like face complete with "warts" (actually fleshy wattles supported by bone). As you might already have guessed, Daedon was closely related to the slightly earlier (and slightly smaller) Entelodon, also known as the Killer Pig, both of them huge, opportunistic, omnivorous mammalian megafauna, the former native to North America and the latter to Eurasia.

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