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What Does Your Favorite Dinosaur Say About You?

Decoding the Psychological Meaning of Your Favorite Dinosaur


Everyone has a favorite dinosaur, whether it's a world all-star like Tyrannosaurus Rex or a third-string dark horse like Iguanodon. But did you know that what you choose as your favorite dinosaur has a lot to say about your personality? Here's a list of 10 popular dinosaurs, along with their psychological implications.

1. Tyrannosaurus Rex

tyrannosaurus rex
Karen Carr
If your favorite dinosaur is Tyrannosaurus Rex, that means you're a rough, tough go-getter who doesn't take "no" for an answer. Underlings at work do as you say, no questions asked, and other kids on the playground offer up their lunch money without your even having to ask for it. It also means you like to tear into rotting hadrosaur carcasses and allow their fleshy fragments to decompose between your enormous canines.

2. Stegosaurus

Wikimedia Commons
Stegosaurus fans tend to be prickly and ill at ease when thrust into unfamiliar social situations, but quickly warm up and are usually good for a belly laugh or two. They like strongly patterned clothing, and are extremely defensive of friends and family, to the point where they're not afraid to throw their weight around. They also have unusually tiny, walnut-sized brains and are often mistaken for living-room furniture.

3. Apatosaurus

H. Kyoht Luterman
Admirers of Apatosaurus, the dinosaur formerly known as Brontosaurus, are extremely mysterious and tend to use aliases even in situations where no secrecy is required (say, ordering breakfast at a local diner). They have an intense passion for bonsai trees, organic gardening and huge gatherings where they can cook goulash and pilaf for hundreds of people. Their unusually long necks make it difficult for them to fit into small and mid-size sedans.

4. Velociraptor

Alain Beneteau
The average Velociraptor nut is a lot like that short kid in high school who overcompensated for his height by being comically aggressive. Expressions like "Who are you calling chicken?" and "Come over here and say that, tough guy" can often be heard in the vicinity of Velociraptor fans, usually in crowded sports bars. When they're not out strutting their stuff, Velociraptor enthusiasts can be found scuttling beneath dining-room tables, looking for discarded scraps of food.

5. Dimetrodon

Dmitri Bogdanov
Dimetrodon isn't technically a dinosaur, which means that fans of this late Permian reptile aren't necessarily what they seem, either. A stay-at-home mom who collects stuffed Dimetrodon dolls is probably a deep-cover CIA operative, while a kid who eats, breathes and sleeps Dimetrodons may actually be a Golden Retriever in disguise. For whatever reason, Dimetrodon fans are unusually fond of windsailing and extra-large umbrellas.

6. Spinosaurus

If you're a fan of Spinosaurus, that's probably because you were picked on by a T. Rex enthusiast when you were a kid and needed to latch onto something bigger, stronger and more ferocious. Ironically enough, Spinosaurus lovers tend to be shy, unassuming types, and are often employed as accountants, dental assistants, and those guys in the backs of museums who use toothbrushes on bones. They like to spend their free time camping by rivers and biting the heads off fish.

7. Triceratops

Karen Carr
Show me a Triceratops fan, and I'll show you someone who owns lots and lots of hats--not just your run-of-the-mill bowlers, fedoras and knitted wool caps, but kepies, porkpies and comical little fez-like beanies. Oh, and scarves, too--lots and lots of silk and satin and cotton scarves, in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Triceratops lovers can often be seen standing around in herds, watching daytime talk shows on wide-screen TVs.

8. Ankylosaurus

Eduardo Camarga
Remember those Venn diagrams you learned about in seventh-grade math? Well, if you had three circles labeled "World of Warcraft Addicts," "Battle of Gettysburg Reenactors" and "Members of the Gimli Fan Club," the shaded area in the middle would represent everyone who claims Ankylosaurus as their favorite dinosaur. Ankylosaurus nuts are famous for wearing medieval armor in public, with a hole in the lower back so their clubbed tails can poke through.

9. Archaeopteryx

Emily Willoughby
You might naively assume that Archaeopteryx fans would be unusually fond of feathers. Well, nothing could be further from the truth; these folks are so desperate to establish their dinosaur bona fides that they eschew down pillows in favor of unsanded slate. When they're not raving on and on about how Archaeopteryx was really a dinosaur, and not a bird, fans of this reptile can be seen tightly clutching onto the high branches of trees and brooding their eggs.

10. Iguanodon

Iguanodon fanciers are the Walter Mittys of the dinosaur-enthusiast world. They'd much rather love a cooler dinosaur, like Spinosaurus or Triceratops, but their innate modesty (and fear of predation) cause them to keep a much lower profile. The average Iguanodon fan can often be seen watching classic episodes of Wild Kingdom, cheering for the wildebeest whenever it escapes the clutches of a pursuing lion.
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