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The Dinosaur Encyclopedia - Velociraptor

A Collection of Articles About Velociraptor



Velociraptor (Alain Beneteau)

Thanks to its starring role in the Jurassic Park movies, Velociraptor is second only to Tyrannosaurus Rex as the world's most popular meat-eating dinosaur. Here's where you can find some basic information about this feathered menace.

Articles About Velociraptor

This profile of Velociraptor includes information about this dinosaur's size, weight, habitat and diet, among other essential specs.

Did you know Velociraptor was only a little bigger than a chicken? Or that there's no evidence that this dinosaur ever hunted in packs? Here are 10 Facts About Velociraptor.

Velociraptor is the most famous dinosaur ever to be discovered in Mongolia--and it came within an inch of being named Ovoraptor by the president of the American Museum of Natural History. Read a fossil history of Velociraptor.

In the 1970's, paleontologists discovered the famous interlocked fossils of a Velociraptor in the act of attacking an equally sized Protoceratops. Who would win a pitched battle between these two famous dinosaurs?

Deinonychus is the dinosaur that actually played "Velociraptor" in the Jurassic Park movies; here's where you can find some basic information about this slightly bigger dinosaur.

This gallery of Velociraptor pictures includes photographs of Velociraptor fossils and museum exhibits, as well as portraits of this dinosaur by some of the world's best paleo-illustrators.

The original fossils of Velociraptor were discovered in Flaming Cliffs, an extensive geologic formation in Mongolia that has yielded the bones of numerous late Cretaceous dinosaurs.

Articles About Other Carnivorous Dinosaurs

Jurassic Park didn't only make Velociraptor famous; this movie did the same for raptors in general. Read more about these feathered meat-eaters in Raptors - The Bird-Like Carnivores of the Cretaceous Period.

Velociraptor was a type of theropod, the extensive family of two-legged, meat-eating dinosaurs. Other theropod families closely related to raptors were Tyrannosaurs, "dino-birds" and allosaurs, carnosaurs, abelisaurs and ceratosaurs.

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