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Aucasaurus (Sergio Perez)


Aucasaurus (Greek for "Auca lizard"); pronounced AW-cah-SORE-us


Woodlands of South America

Historical Period:

Late Cretaceous (70 million years ago)

Size and Weight:

About 13 feet long and 500 pounds



Distinguishing Characteristics:

Long arms; bumps on skull

About Aucasaurus:

To date, not much information has been released about Aucasaurus, a near-complete skeleton of which was discovered in Argentina in 1999. We do know that this carnivorous theropod was closely related to Abelisaurus and Carnotaurus, albeit significantly smaller, with longer arms and bumps on its head instead of horns. Based on the dire condition of its skull, it's possible that the only known specimen of Aucasaurus was done in by a fellow predator.
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