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Bob Strauss

Bob Strauss

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Bob Strauss

Bob Strauss is a freelance writer and book author; one of his specialties is explaining scientific concepts and discoveries to both a lay and professional audience. You can reach Bob via email at dinosaurs@aboutguide.com.


Bob Strauss is the author of two best-selling question-and-answer books that range across the expanse of science, biology, history and culture: The Big Book of What, How and Why (Main Street, 2005) and Who Knew? Hundreds & Hundreds of Questions & Answers for Curious Minds (Sterling Innovation, 2007). Over the past two decades, he has written and edited for numerous scientific, medical and general-interest publications, including Entertainment Weekly, Family Circle, Cardiovascular Medicine, FamilyPC, News of the American Physical Society, and ConsumerSearch. His new book, The Falcon Field Guide to North American Dinosaurs, will be published by the Globe Pequot Press in Spring 2015.

By Bob Strauss:

In the course of my writing career, I've developed an expertise in communicating scientific concepts and developments (in biology, paleontology, cosmology, and medicine, among other fields) to adults and kids alike. I've been fascinated by dinosaurs since preschool, when I acquired my first dino figurine (a T. Rex)--and over the next few years I amassed a collection of at least 100 more, which were mysteriously misplaced by my mom when my room began to resemble the set of One Million Years B.C.

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