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10 Things Megalodon Could Swallow Whole


10 Things Megalodon Could Swallow Whole


To celebrate Shark Week 2014 (and with a tip of the hat to David Letterman), I've decided to go the Discovery Channel route and offer a list of facts about Megalodon that may or may not be true. I've given each of the below items at least a few seconds of thought, and I've concluded that Megalodon could have (and probably did) swallow them whole. (See also an article explaining why no giant sharks are alive today.)

1. A school bus
2. The starting defensive line of the Cincinnati Bengals (but NOT the starting defensive line of the Pittsburgh Steelers)
3. A smaller Megalodon
4. "Collin Drake"
5. The box of legal documents attesting to the fact that the Discovery Channel specializes in "non-fiction" programming
6. Your little sister
7. The Death Star
8. Bigfoot
9, An entire World War II Panzer corps
10. Plankton's "Chum Bucket" restaurant

Agree? Disagree? Like the Discovery Channel, I don't really care. Happy Shark Week!

Photograph of Megalodon's jaws: Getty Images

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