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Readers Respond: T. Rex vs. Triceratops - Who Wins?

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I can see the occasional time T-rex wins, but with that defensive neck frill and offensive/defensive horns, Triceratops can easily pierce T-rex underbellies all day erry day. I seriously doubt Triceratops was a slow, lumbering creature, too. I imagine that, while maybe it wasn't super fast and certainly didn't have the greatest stamina, it could charge like a bull, or even more appropriately, a rhino. It would have been hard to stop, for sure, and it probably had a hard time turning, but that makes its horns even deadlier when traveling at a quick pace like that. T-rex is an awesome predator, but unless it goes for the back end, where Triceratops probably had spiny quills along its spine anyway, or at least the sides closer to the back, things would probably get very ugly for T-rex if it involved itself with Tops.
—Guest Jara


Uniquely, Triceratops had a ball joint where spine joins skull. Ball joints allow rotational movement. It is used in the trailer hitches. Skull frill, ball joint, 3 horns = a most effective defense against T.Rex. Triceratops face predator, standing shoulder to shoulder. The taller T.Rex closes, strikes over the horns. As she strikes the neck frill, the nose of the skull pivots up at the ball joint. If the thrust is to the right of the center of the frill, the ball joint makes the horn move up and to the right, toward the head of the predator, without any thought or effort by Triceratops. The two eyebrow horns hold the T.Rex head in position for the nose horn to do the most damage. The power of her own downward strike is used to drive the nose horn up into her throat or soft under jaw. If the horn puncture wound was not fatal, it would make it hard to swallow. T.Rex may die before her wound heals. Either way Triceratops is not on the menu today. The herd is safe.


I saw a video the triceratops will lost a horn but he will place the other one in his hearth
—Guest pivotcat9


TRICERATOPS WILL WIN &T'REX WILL LOSE. because I love triceratops a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest sofia



triceratops wins.

paleontologists have prove that T.rex attacked triceratops AND LOST!
—Guest Spinosarus

Wo knows?

It can be any one! And triceratops did not live in herds.theres no proof of that tricerotops live in herds they may have lived in groups of 7 or less or with young. Like most carnivores a trex would hunt the young,the sick,and lone bull tricerotops.they can also separate members from the group or try possably lead them to a cliff(probably not off a cliff but maybe they can).and come on the cover of darkness.theres a 50 50 percent chance but I give a edge to trex because it's smarter,faster,and has good sight and forward facing eyes witch help it in a ambush.but it can also be tricerotops because it had good hearing and can hear a heavy t Rex coming and the horns on its head were about 3 feet long and a tiny nose horn.A tricerotops has a impressive defense too,it has a large frill that is used to impress mates but can also be used to protect is neck its horns are based on a strong head that's hard to get to. But the two animals aren't alive to day so my guess is as good as your guess.by
—Guest Hadrosaur


Yeahhh...a triceratops would win you say WRONG.plus the arms are huge compared to you!
—Guest Eoraptor


T. Rex will try to eat the triceratops but triceratops will quickly head butt him! The T. Rex will go back having no food to eat.

U kiddin urick lucas?

u said "trex was more smarter then triceratops" apparently ur not smarter then triceratops. and anyways, t-rex has walnut brain! peace!

It all depends.

One vs. one? 55/45 in favor of T-rex. However, in a more realistic scenario, triceratops wins due to living in a herd, and the advantages that provides. T-rex, in my opinion, was more likely to hunt hadrosaurs and scavenge due to the fact that it is poorly equipped for dealing with much more than a lone ceratopsid with a crutch. The Tyrant has fallen, and those that continue to defend it saying "But it's the king!" need to get over it. T-rex is no longer known as the ultimate predator, a title that I feel belongs to Giganotosaurus.
—Guest Silver


I BELIEVE T-REX'S BITE WINS! Yet tricera and it had were slow, actually, its unclear who wins.
—Guest Gorgon gorgonopsid

Depends on when Triceratops sees T. rex

If a Triceratops saw the T. rex, but it was too late, the chances of winning would be: Triceratops: 20% T. rex: 80%. However, if the Triceratops saw the T. rex in time the chances of winning would be: Triceratops: 75% T. rex: 25%.
—Guest Alex

Duh again

I know that it was the star of the movie Jurassic Park, with the fact that it's teeth was bad, it was stupid(it was pretty smart as a dinosaur), and it was slow, I don't think Tyrannosaurus was that strong compared to other theropods like the dromeausaurines.
—Guest Styracosaurus


It won't fight no offense this is SOOO stupid have you ever heard of the word herd? Get the joke? Anyways, a herd of a triceratops will scare of a T-Rex. P.S. Stop using the famous dinosaurs!!! P.P.S no offense
—Guest Styracosaurus

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T. Rex vs. Triceratops - Who Wins?

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