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Readers Respond: Spinosaurus vs. Sarcosuchus - Who Wins?

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Do you agree with the outcome of this battle between Spinosaurus and Sarcosuchus? Do you disagree? Register your opinion here! Name Your Winner!

......What the Heck

this isn't a fight. you didn't even give spinosaurus a chance. to prove my point about spinosaurus winning i saw a documentary of spinosaurus penetrating that very same crocodile with its huge claws.
—Guest Jerry

T Rex will lose to Spino

The spino has 2 huge hands with 3 huge claws on the if it gets its hands flesh it will tear skin and meat apart Spinosaurus is a God
—Guest Eco

Jurassic Park III is incorrect

Despite what JP III showed, the Spinosaurus would have easily lost to the T. rex. Sarcosuchus could beat a Spinosaurus rather easily too. The Spino was heavier, but its jaws were weak and the claws couldn't penetrated through the Sarcosuchus' armor. In the water, Spinosaurus doesn't stand a chance. On land, the Spinosaurus will still likely lose. Only a few theropods, Carcharodontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex, could take out a Sarcosuchus or Deinosuchus easily on land.
—Guest Alex


It is rather a bad idea to so easily dismiss Spinosaurus, as there has been more information to suggest that Adult Spinosauri might have been even larger, and that the snout of a Spinosaurus was especially sensitive to water currents. Also, Spinosaurus had massive forearms, easily enough to grapple with a sarchosuchus. Both are great predators in their own right, but for a fight near shore, I would suggest Spinosaurus to be the winner. That is all.
—Guest Lindipthian

spino wins

spino is a specialist fish and CROCODILE(small ones of course) hunter! and it cant jump! its legs are splayed to the sides and cant support the weight well. honestly i think its a matter of who senses who first and makes the first strike.
—Guest Spinosarus


supercroc could easily attack spino's sensitive sail an it's soft underbelly. to do anything to supercroc, spino would have to somehow flip it over, pin it down, and bite it's underbelly (most of the underbelly being blocked by spino's massive foot, and make sure that supercroc doesn't bite it,s face off in the process
—Guest JTChicken

Spino wins

Make a better story. For example. Maybe the spinosaur was looking for fish, and had its snout in the water. It has nerves on its snout, allowing it to sense pressure in the water. So it knows the sarcocuchus is there, so it pulls its head back. And not a second to late, because right then sarcocuchus tried to lunge out of the water and MAYBE bite his leg. But even if he did, sarcocuchus wouldn't have enough power to drag spinosaur into the water. Instead, while sarcocuchus was holding on for dear life, spinosaur would have flashed his claws and slashed humongous gashes on sarcocuchus starting from his belly to neck, and sarcocuchus blood would surround them in a lovely ring of red.
—Guest Lawl


Advantages: Extremely powerful hands and feet. Much too high for the giant prehistoric croc. Who knows? Maybe spino somehow used his fin as a weapon! And a bunch of other stuff I don't feel like listing. But think about this: Imagine a spino's jaws. Pretty impressive right? Well, I'm not even done yet. Now imagine a crocodile's jaws today. They have MASSIVE power in crushing things, correct? Now, a spinosaurus is a couple times larger than our average croc. So we can assume that the spino's crushing power was a couple times more powerful than a croc's. See what I'm saying? Anyway, I have a theory about spino. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. And let me tell you one more thing. Spino appears very evolved. So it makes sense that it was very smart. No way is this Dino clumsy. NO WAY! Anyway, nice idea. I suppose that if a spino WAS clumsy, it could be killed, but come on. No way is that Dino clumsy. So, my OPINION is that spinosaurus would win. Nice idea;D
—Guest Spinosaurus Rider


spino would win because surprise attack (Don't forget the meathooks)
—Guest bob

Now THIS IS a fight.

i agree also and for the same rational, although sarco didn't get much larger as you suggested. spinos best defence is to stay away from the water and not get suckered into a water-borne ambush. sarco keep to the water, your best element, caught on dry land things would get a... quite a bit nasty, but sarco still has the advantage overall. as i said before sarco only grew to the length of 32 feet. But he still was an 11 ton colosis....
—Guest casio

sarco would win

Sarco would win because it would use his long snout to grab spino and throw spino into the water.Just like crocs today.☺
—Guest Andrew


If spinosaurus was swimming sarchosucuscould easlily kill it but if it was on land spinosaurus could claw its soft underbelly
—Guest jared

Spinosaurus definitely wins!

Sarcosuchus is only about 11.5m long to Spinosaurus' 16m, and while it's heavier and has a stronger bite, I think that the author of that post's point about it getting hold of the spines is a little unlikely given that spinosaurus was mainly bipedal while the sarcosuchus crawled not far off the ground (like a crocodile shockingly enough!). A sarcosuchus would have a hard time throwing its weight off the ground high enough to reach the spines in order to pull the spinosaurus down, especially since it weighs up to 1.5 times as much as the spinosaurus. The spinosaurus is also likely to be more agile. It's like the T rex thing all over again - if the sarcosuchus could get the spinosaurus on the ground, it would win easily. But with spinosaurus able to run, I would imagine that it would win itself.
—Guest ilovedinosaurs

Spino wins! Yay!

Spinosaurus would slash sarco, and bite and throw him on the ground. But spino might eat sarco. Sarco does not stand a chance now. Spino can leave his supper for later.

sacro gets disemboiled

Sarco would leap at spinosaurus who ( already knew sarco was their because of its pressure sensors) would catch it with its claws and pull it on onto land, where he would flip sarco over and slash open its throat.
—Guest Spino is the king!

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Spinosaurus vs. Sarcosuchus - Who Wins?

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