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Readers Respond: Spinosaurus vs. Sarcosuchus - Who Wins?

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spiny wins

sarcosuchus and spinosaurus would generally avoid each other, and they hunt different creatures, spinosaurus hunting fish or ouranosaurus's, IF they would fight it would be in a drought or something, and then spinosarus has the upper hand , it would knock it over and slash open its gut,but that's in extreme cases because like I said they would normally avoid each other.
—Guest spinosarus

spino wins

spinosaurus is the largest therapod duh if it can beat up carchcaradontosaurus
—Guest peaco

Spiny dino vs Supercroc. Giant Croc wins

Everyone is so astonished by the "T,rex killer of Jurassic Park." But not this time. I know that Spino can bite too but killer croc is way to much. Sarcosuchus and its North American cousin, Deinosuchus are prime dino killers in their respective ecosystems. They compete with large therapods and they seem to make their own stand against their rivals. In land however, where there are no way to the water, things will go 50:50.
—Guest Charcharodon

sarcosuchus will win

spino wont cope with the sarcosuchus.If todays crocs are so deadly against large prey imagine the huge sarco
—Guest sarco fan

spino can swim

Hello just saying spino can swim if the croc got his jaws wich it just might on the spinos foot and dragged him in the spino could swim back to shore and those other guys are right the spino has huge claws and some were measuring up to 30cm to50cm plus the spino is about 56 feet or 16 feet I now 16 feet is right and how deep is the lake the spino could stand up in that water the croc probably dident drag him to far into the lake that why I think spino would win
—Guest landen

Spinosaurus is the winner.

They have almost the same bite force,but Spinosaurus was on 2 big legs,it was much taller. Sarcocuchus was on land. so it could not kill the spino. No way..
—Guest what do you care??

spinosaurus should have won

....spino should have won Why You did not mention spino's claws and any of his fighting skills plus spino doesn't just fall into the water for he is not that clumsy and do you have any proof of this - be more specific!
—Guest koolkat


HAVE YOU SEEN SPINOS CLAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest spinosauars

Spino wins

Spino would step on sarco and claw sarco to death spino is larger the you sarco lovers think. Sarco is too flat on its stomach to win
—Guest Hehomer

spino wins

large claws would tear though sars scales and will kill him
—Guest niko

Dino Death Duels

Spinosaurus versus Sarcosuchus: Sorry, but Spinosaurus easily wins. Spinosaurus hunts fish, so its eyesight would've been keen enough for it to notice the half submerged Sarcosuchus. Thus, it would have moved a way off to keep its distance. Also, the Sarcosuchus wouldn't bother going after Spinosaurus - unless it was the dummy posing as an onshore log. End result: Spinosaurus steps on sleepy log. Sleepy log wakens with a grunt. Spinosaurus hears the grunt, looks down, and proceeds to roll it over. While holding the Sarcosuchus's thrashing neck to the ground, Spinosaurus would busily use its foreclaws (and possibly hindclaws) to tear the Sarcosuchus's belly open. Winner: Spinosaurus, who gets a free meal with its noon drink.
—Guest Geoffrey O'Neil

Is it even fair?

Obviously sarco! Spino could claw it, but how exactly do we know he could swing them well when sarcosuchus, a giant croc with a bite force enough to crush a spinsoaurus's neck, is chompin on his neck? If you don't think it could reach, you are probably insane! It was a big croc!
—Guest spinololwut


How can Spinosaurus "WALK" on it's two arms?????????????
—Guest DAMMIT!


Guest Ramsesay is wrong cuz' Spino can't grab, ONLY claw n' B slap. (well, not B slap, but slashes, cuts, etc.)
—Guest Covenant Scum

Spino wins!

Spino wins because Spino will just pick up Sarco with it's jaws, throws Sarco to the ground to stun Sarco, flip Sarco to it's back, then Spino will claw at Sarco's belly, which it'll kill it, then have diner with T.Rex. lol
—Guest LOL Man

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Spinosaurus vs. Sarcosuchus - Who Wins?

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