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Readers Respond: Spinosaurus vs. Sarcosuchus - Who Wins?

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Do you agree with the outcome of this battle between Spinosaurus and Sarcosuchus? Do you disagree? Register your opinion here!

Basic assumption of carnivores not supp

Wrong-go! In your basic scenario of these giant carnivores' confrontation in their natural environments, at least two of your pre-conditions I can find no support for leaving a to this death battle unlikely to have ever occurred, There are observable and almost universal traits and/or evolved body parts specifically designed for killing and ultimately the success and proliferation of the species. First, no carnivore species would survive very long if their practice involved a leisurely inattentive walk to their favorite watering hole known to be the home of a bigger and more vicious killer so brazenly as to be half-exposed. 1st, successful carnivorous behavior requires opportunity, a rapid and effective attack, surprising an unwary prey, patience and stealth. 2nd'ly, fights between differing carnivorous species are avoided due to each becoming seriously injured, so avoidance is practiced over attack.
—Guest Mosey Mann

Well... It depends...

Like so many similar situations, it could have gone either way. In the encounter described, Sarcosuchus probably would have won, as it would have had the advantage of surprise. But, if it caught the Supercroc on land, Spinosaurus might have been able to dispatch it. Great story, either way!
—Guest §§§

spinosaurus would win

Spinosaurus would win because it is much longer than sarcosuchus and is much more stronger. Although sarcosuchus had a stronger bite force spinosaurus had longer jaws.
—Guest julio medina

......What the Heck

this isn't a fight. you didn't even give spinosaurus a chance. to prove my point about spinosaurus winning i saw a documentary of spinosaurus penetrating that very same crocodile with its huge claws.
—Guest Jerry

T Rex will lose to Spino

The spino has 2 huge hands with 3 huge claws on the if it gets its hands flesh it will tear skin and meat apart Spinosaurus is a God
—Guest Eco

Jurassic Park III is incorrect

Despite what JP III showed, the Spinosaurus would have easily lost to the T. rex. Sarcosuchus could beat a Spinosaurus rather easily too. The Spino was heavier, but its jaws were weak and the claws couldn't penetrated through the Sarcosuchus' armor. In the water, Spinosaurus doesn't stand a chance. On land, the Spinosaurus will still likely lose. Only a few theropods, Carcharodontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex, could take out a Sarcosuchus or Deinosuchus easily on land.
—Guest Alex


It is rather a bad idea to so easily dismiss Spinosaurus, as there has been more information to suggest that Adult Spinosauri might have been even larger, and that the snout of a Spinosaurus was especially sensitive to water currents. Also, Spinosaurus had massive forearms, easily enough to grapple with a sarchosuchus. Both are great predators in their own right, but for a fight near shore, I would suggest Spinosaurus to be the winner. That is all.
—Guest Lindipthian

spino wins

spino is a specialist fish and CROCODILE(small ones of course) hunter! and it cant jump! its legs are splayed to the sides and cant support the weight well. honestly i think its a matter of who senses who first and makes the first strike.
—Guest Spinosarus


supercroc could easily attack spino's sensitive sail an it's soft underbelly. to do anything to supercroc, spino would have to somehow flip it over, pin it down, and bite it's underbelly (most of the underbelly being blocked by spino's massive foot, and make sure that supercroc doesn't bite it,s face off in the process
—Guest JTChicken

Spino wins

Make a better story. For example. Maybe the spinosaur was looking for fish, and had its snout in the water. It has nerves on its snout, allowing it to sense pressure in the water. So it knows the sarcocuchus is there, so it pulls its head back. And not a second to late, because right then sarcocuchus tried to lunge out of the water and MAYBE bite his leg. But even if he did, sarcocuchus wouldn't have enough power to drag spinosaur into the water. Instead, while sarcocuchus was holding on for dear life, spinosaur would have flashed his claws and slashed humongous gashes on sarcocuchus starting from his belly to neck, and sarcocuchus blood would surround them in a lovely ring of red.
—Guest Lawl


Advantages: Extremely powerful hands and feet. Much too high for the giant prehistoric croc. Who knows? Maybe spino somehow used his fin as a weapon! And a bunch of other stuff I don't feel like listing. But think about this: Imagine a spino's jaws. Pretty impressive right? Well, I'm not even done yet. Now imagine a crocodile's jaws today. They have MASSIVE power in crushing things, correct? Now, a spinosaurus is a couple times larger than our average croc. So we can assume that the spino's crushing power was a couple times more powerful than a croc's. See what I'm saying? Anyway, I have a theory about spino. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. And let me tell you one more thing. Spino appears very evolved. So it makes sense that it was very smart. No way is this Dino clumsy. NO WAY! Anyway, nice idea. I suppose that if a spino WAS clumsy, it could be killed, but come on. No way is that Dino clumsy. So, my OPINION is that spinosaurus would win. Nice idea;D
—Guest Spinosaurus Rider


spino would win because surprise attack (Don't forget the meathooks)
—Guest bob


Spinosaurus's claws are tough enough for neutralizing the armor of the sarchusaurus. And it was actually more of a hunter/scavenger than a fish eater,and dinoawsome guest is right about the size. Spinosaurus has to fight about the food that other Dino's eat to and it can cleave the meat of the sarchusaurus.And seriously a spino is smart enough to know that it can put its foot on the snout of the sarch and attack Even though this was unreasonable,sarch was a great hunter and the story was great.
—Guest Donovan

giganotosaurus vs young argentinosaurus

young argentinosaurus was stepping in a carnivore feast 7 giganotosaurus were there and the sauropod is trying to get away but she is to slow and dumb to react and was killed and was dead winner giganotosaurus because the carnivores are smarter
—Guest anthony

Spinosaurus is de winer

Spino was much bigger than supercroc ,supercroc was 43ft long and weighted 8-11 tons , supercroc hunted large prey that coundnt fight back it had a weak bite force and moved very slowly,spino was 40-62ft long and weighted 6-14 tons it had a 7 ft arms equiped with 32cm claws, one blow with them could kill a carchardontosaurus, if supercroc gained sight of spino it would probly flee
—Guest Dinoawesome

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