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Brygmophyseter (Nobu Tamura)


Brygmophyseter (Greek for "biting sperm whale"); pronounced BRIG-moe-FIE-zet-er


Pacific Ocean

Historical Epoch:

Miocene (15-5 million years ago)

Size and Weight:

Up to 40 feet long and 5-10 tons


Sharks, seals, birds and whales

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Large size; long, toothed snout


About Brygmophyseter:

Not the most euphoniously named of all prehistoric whales, Brygmophyseter owes its place in the pop-culture spotlight to the defunct TV series Jurassic Fight Club, an episode of which pitted this ancient sperm whale against the giant shark Megalodon. We'll never know if a battle like this ever took place, but clearly Brygmophyseter would have put up a good fight, considering its large size and tooth-studded snout (unlike modern sperm whales, which feed on easily digestible fish and squids, Brygmophyseter was an opportunistic predator, chomping down on penguins, sharks, seals and even other prehistoric whales). As you can guess from its name, Brygmophyeter was closely related to another "killer sperm whale" of the Miocene epoch, Acrophyseter.

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