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Famous Paleontologists, Dinosaur Scientists, and Fossil Hunters

Profiles of the most notable paleontologists, scientists and fossil hunters involved with dinosaurs and other forms of prehistoric life.

Luis Alvarez
He discovered the reason dinosaurs went extinct.

Roy Chapman Andrews
He may have been the inspiration for Indiana Jones.

Mary Anning
She sold sea shells by the sea shore.

Robert Bakker
A forceful believer in warm-blooded dinosaurs.

Rinchen Barsbold
The most famous paleontologist in Mongolia.

Jose F. Bonaparte
The most prolific paleontologist in South America.

Robert Broom
An early expert in the "mammal-like" reptiles.

Barnum Brown
This famous fossil hunter was named after P.T. Barnum.

William Buckland
The first person ever to name a dinosaur genus.

Edwin H. Colbert
He helped prove the theory of continental drift.

Edward Drinker Cope
One of the antagonists in the nineteenth century "Bone Wars."

Georges Cuvier
The first paleontologist to recognize that species can go extinct.

Charles Darwin
The man who introduced the world to evolution.

Dong Zhiming
This Chinese paleontologist has discovered a huge number of dinosaurs.

Sue Hendrickson
Famous for finding an intact skeleton of T. Rex.

Edward B. Hitchcock
An early explorer of dinosaur footprints.

Jack Horner
The inspiration for Sam Neill's character in Jurassic Park.

Lawrence M. Lambe
One of the first, and most famous, of the Canadian fossil hunters.

Joseph Leidy
He named the official state dinosaur of New Jersey.

Gideon Mantell
He deserves the credit for discovering Iguanodon.

Othniel C. Marsh
With Charles Drinker Cope, one of the antagonists in the "Bone Wars."

Hermann von Meyer
The most notable paleontologist of 19th-century Germany.

John H. Ostrom
The first scientist to realize that dinosaurs evolved into birds.

Henry Fairfield Osborn
The man who named Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Richard Owen
The man who invented the word "dinosaur."

Harry Seeley
He divided dinosaurs into ornithischians and saurischians.

Paul Sereno
The most popular paleontologist of the TV generation.

Ernst Stromer
All of his fossil finds were destroyed in World War II.

Patricia Vickers-Rich
This Australian paleontologist likes to name dinosaurs after her kids.

Joan Wiffen
This self-taught fossil hunter has made important discoveries in New Zealand.

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