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The Social Media Page of Spinosaurus


The Social Media Page of Spinosaurus

Name: Spinosaurus
Nickname: Spiny
Sex: Male
Relationship status: It's complicated

Current city: Alexandria, Egypt
Work: Tour-boat operator
Education: The Northern Sahara Vocational High School for the Maritime Industry
Friends: Suchomimus, Irritator (372 more)
Enemies: Sarcosuchus

Likes: Sushi, kites, gazebos
Activities: White-water rafting, skinny dipping, crocodile taunting
Interests: TV cooking shows, British rainwear

Spinosaurus: Long, lazy day down by the river. Spotted a nearby Sarcosuchus and gave him a hundred-decibel razz. SuperCroc, my butt—the guy doesn't even wear a cape.
Deinosuchus: Thinks he's all that and a bag of pterosaur eggs
Irritator: Pterosaur eggs? Where?

Spinosaurus: Can anyone out there identify this fish? I snagged it today for lunch and got it only halfway down my throat before I puked my guts out.
Suchomimus: that's not a fish, dude, it's a mosasaur. Good thing you didn't swallow it, it would've eaten you alive from the inside out.
Globidens: WTF, man? Is that how you treat a fellow reptile? I'm still buffing out the scratch marks. My lawyer will be calling your lawyer.
Irritator: I had pizza for lunch

Irritator has invited you to like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Irritator has asked you, If you were a shoe, what kind of shoe would you be?
Irritator has tagged you in a photo album, “Candid Cretaceous Bathroom Brouhahas”

Spinosaurus: Watching that episode of Terra Nova where the Sixth Pilgrimage stampedes me into the colony with lit torches. Okay, in real life, I would have eaten them, but still totally cool. What were the suits at Fox thinking when they canceled this show?
Irritator: Yo, Spiny, what's up? What RU doing?
Carnotaurus: Hey, I was the star of that show, and look at me now. Waving for a new agent with both tiny arms here!
Irritator: The only good show on TV is Hell's Kitchen.

Spinosaurus: Heads up! Big, rotting crocodile carcass over at the intersection of the creepy mound thing and the brackish trickle of water. I was already full when I found it, so I just tore off a leg.
Suchomimus: Thanks! Heading over there now.
Nigersaurus: sorry, sticking with my Vegan diet
Irritator: Do crocodiles have wishbones? Dibs! Dibs!

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