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North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences (Raleigh, NC)



North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences


11 W. Jones St., Raleigh, NC

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9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Saturday, noon to 5:00 PM Sunday

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About the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences:

"Terror of the South" is the aptly named showcase at the newly renovated North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. This exhibit features the only extant skeleton of the carnivorous theropod Acrocanthosaurus, which is posed stalking a fleshed-out sauropod while a flock of curious pterosaurs hovers overhead. From here, it's a short way to "Prehistoric North Carolina," the Cretaceous section of which features an Albertosaurus attacking a mother Edmontosaurus and her brood.

More controversially, the North Caroline Museum of Natural Sciences is the home of "Willo," a well-preserved Thescelosaurus that some experts claim harbors the remnants of a mummified heart. These scientists say X-rays show that Thescelosaurus had a four-chambered heart, more like that of a bird or mammal than of a reptile, but other experts cast doubt on this claim, saying the evidence is inconclusive at best. Nonetheless, Willo now has his own website, and has been trademarked by the museum as "The Dinosaur with a Heart."

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