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New Dinosaur Discoveries

A Complete, A to Z List of Dinosaurs Discovered Within the Past Five Years



Coahuilaceratops (Lukas Panzarin)

Every week, it seems, teams of paleontologists are digging up new dinosaur species in remote corners of the world--or naming new dinosaurs based on decades-old remains forgotten in a drawer. Here's a list of the most important new dinosaurs discovered over the past five years; just click on the links for more information.

Aardonyx, a South American prosauropod
Abydosaurus, a North American sauropod
Acrotholus, a North American pachycephalosaur
Albertadromeus, a North American ornithopod
Albertonykus, a North American dino-bird
Anchiornis, an Asian dino-bird
Angolatitan, an African titanosaur

Anzu, a North American dino-bird
Aorun, an Asian theropod
Australovenator, an Australian theropod
Balaur, a European raptor
Beishanlong, an Asian ornithomimid
Bicentenaria,a South American theropod
Bistahieversor, a North American tyrannosaur
Bonapartenykus, a South American dino-bird
Brontomerus, a North American sauropod
Coahuilaceratops, a North American ceratopsian
Concavenator, a European theropod
Daemonosaurus, a North American theropod
Dahalokeley, a Madagascar theropod
Diabloceratops, a North American ceratopsian
Eocarcharia, an African theropod
Eodromaeus, a South American theropod
Eosinopteryx, a Chinese dino-bird

Europelta, a western European nodosaur
Fruitadens, a North American dino-bird
Gryphoceratops, a North American ceratopsian
Haplocheirus, an Asian dino-bird
Helioceratops, an Asian ceratopsian
Hippodraco, a North American ornithopod
Ichthyovenator, an Asian spinosaur
Iguanacolossus, a North American ornithopod
Jeyawati, a North American ornithopod
Judiceratops, a North American ceratopsian
Juratyrant, a European tyrannosaur
Kaatedocus, a North American sauropod
Koreaceratops, an Asian ceratopsian
Kosmoceratops, a North American ceratopsian
Kryptops, an African theropod
Latirhinus, a North American hadrosaur
Leyesaurus, a South American prosauropod
Linhenykus, a central Asian theropod
Linheraptor, a central Asian raptor
Linhevenator, a central Asian dino-bird

Lythronax, a North American tyrannosaur

Martharaptor, a North American theropod
Medusaceratops, a North American ceratopsian
Mojoceratops, a North American ceratopsian

Nanuqsaurus, a North American tyrannosaur
Nasutoceratops, a North American ceratopsian
Nyasasaurus, an African proto-dinosaur
Oryctodromeus, a North American ornithopod
Oxalaia, a South American theropod
Pampadromaeus, a South American sauropodomorph
Pegomastax, a southern African ornithopod
Propanoplosaurus, a North American ankylosaur

Qianzhousaurus, an Asian tyrannosaur
Raptorex, an Asian tyrannosaur
Sarahsaurus, a North American prosauropod
Seitaad, a North American prosauropod
Sauroniops, a northern African theropod
Similicaudipteryx, an Asian dino-bird
Skorpiovenator, a South American theropod
Spinops, a North American ceratopsian
Talos, a North American dino-bird
Tatankacephalus, a North American ankylosaur
Tawa, a North and South American tyrannosaur
Teratophoneus, a North American tyrannosaur
Texacephale, a North American pachycephalosaur
Titanoceratops, a North American ceratopsian
Unescoceratops, a North American ceratopsian
Utahceratops, a North American ceratopsian
Velafrons, a North American hadrosaur
Xenoceratops, a North American ceratopsian
Xiaotingia, an Asian dino-bird
Xiongguanlong, an Asian tyrannosaur
Xixianykus, an Asian dino-bird
Yizhousaurus, an Asian sauropod

Yongjinglong, an Asian titanosaur
Yulong, an Asian dino-bird
Yutyrannus, an Asian tyrannosaur
Zhuchengtyrannus, an Asian tyrannosaur

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