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The Daily Life of a Dinosaur

How dinosaurs lived from day to day: hunting, foraging, fighting, mating, migrating, raising young, and going to the bathroom.

Dinosaur Family Life
Until the recent discoveries of ancient nesting grounds, paleontologists knew virtually nothing about how (or even if) dinosaurs cared for their young after they hatched. Here's a look at the current state of thought about dinosaur child rearing and family life.

Dinosaur Fights
Teeth, claws, horns, spikes and clubs--dinosaurs had the most impressive armament of any creatures that ever lived. Here's how raptors, tyrannosaurs, ankylosaurs and other kinds of dinosaur wielded their weapons, offensively and defensively, and why they fought each other in the first place.

How Dinosaurs Had Sex
What we don't know about dinosaur mating can fill an aircraft hangar--after all, it's not as if the act of sex leaves fossil evidence. But paleontologists can make some educated guesses, based on the size and anatomy of various dinosaurs, as well as their reptilian heritage.

Dinosaur Eggs
Trillions of dinosaur eggs were laid during the Mesozoic Era, but very few have been preserved intact--and it's still a challenge to match up any given egg with the dinosaur that produced it. Here's everything we know (and even more that we don't know) about dinosaur eggs.

Dinosaur Gender
Paleontologists have long suspected that the males of certain dinosaur species outweighed the females (or vice-versa), or evolved certain traits (like horns and frills) as the result of sexual selection. Here's what we currently know about the differences between male and female dinosaurs.

Protoceratops vs. Velociraptor
It’s got way too many syllables to be turned into a Hollywood movie, but a spectacular fossil find shows these two dinosaurs engaged in heated combat.

Dinosaur Poop
Fossilized pieces of dinosaur poop--coprolites--can tell us a lot about what the average dinosaur ate and what kind of ecosystem it inhabited. Here's everything paleontologists know about coprolites, and how these rock-hard pieces of dung help us understand dinosaurs.

10 Facts About Dinosaur Eggs
Did you know that most dinosaur eggs never got the chance to hatch? Or that very few fossilized embryos have been found inside fossilized eggs? Here are 10 surprising facts about dinosaur eggs.

Could Dinosaurs Fart?
Did dinosaurs fart? How often, and how loudly? And, did their farting somehow contribute to their eventual extinction?

What Did Dinosaurs Eat?
Some dinosaurs were meat-eaters, and some dinosaurs were plant-eaters--but all dinosaurs, large or small, had to eat constantly in order to survive. Here's a look at the favorite diets of dinosaurs during the Mesozoic Era.

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