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Avimimus (Matt Martyniuk)


Avimimus (Greek for "bird mimic"); pronounced AV-ih-MIME-us


Plains of central Asia

Historical Period:

Late Cretaceous (75-70 million years ago)

Size and Weight:

About 5 feet long and 25 pounds


Meat and insects

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Bird-like wings; teeth in upper jaw


About Avimimus:

Despite the similarity of their names, the "bird-mimic" Avimimus was very different from the "bird-mimic" Ornithomimus. The latter was a large, speedy, ostrich-like dinosaur, while the former was a small "dino-bird" of central Asia, notable for its numerous feathers, plumed tail, and bird-like feet. What places Avimimus firmly in the dinosaur category is the primitive teeth in its upper jaw, as well as its similarities to other, less bird-like oviraptors of the Cretaceous period (including the poster genus for the group, Oviraptor).

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