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Szechuanosaurus (public domain)


Szechuanosaurus (Greek for "Szechuan lizard"); pronounced setch-wan-oh-SORE-us


Woodlands of Asia

Historical Period:

Late Jurassic (155-145 million years ago)

Size and Weight:

About 10 feet long and a few hundred pounds



Distinguishing Characteristics:

Small size; similarity to Allosaurus


About Szechuanosaurus:

Not a whole lot is known about Szechuanosaurus, except that this Asian theropod looked a bit like a scaled-down Allosaurus (which lived in North America), and was probably most closely related to another Asian carnivore of the late Jurassic period, Sinraptor. Not all paleontologists are convinced that Szechuanosaurus deserves its own genus, since it may yet turn out to be a specimen (or species) of an existing genus of theropod.

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