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Linhevenator (Nobu Tamura)


Linhevenator (Greek for "Linhe hunter"); pronounced LIN-heh-veh-nay-tore


Plains of central Asia

Historical Period:

Late Cretaceous (80-70 million years ago)

Size and Weight:

About 5 feet long and 75 pounds



Distinguishing Characteristics:

Moderate size; feathers; large claws on hind feet


About Linhevenator:

Not all feathered dinosaurs equipped with large, curved claws on their hind feet were true raptors. Witness Linhevenator, a recently discovered central Asian theropod that has been classified as a "troodont," that is, a close relative of the North American Troodon. One of the most complete troodont fossils ever found, Linhevenator may have made its living by digging into the ground for prey, and may even have been capable of climbing trees! (By the way, Linhevenator was a different dinosaur than either Linhenykus or Linheraptor, both of which were also discovered in the Linhe region of Mongolia.)

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