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Tyrannosaurs - The Most Dangerous Dinosaurs - About.com
Tyrannosaurs were the killing machines of the Cretaceous period: these huge, powerful dinosaurs were all legs, trunk and teeth, and they preyed relentlessly on  ...
The Large Theropods - Allosaurs, Carnosaurs, Abelisaurs - Dinosaurs
We know all about tyrannosaurs and raptors, but those two families comprised only a small percentage of the bipedal, carnivorous dinosaurs known as ...
Dinosaurs Came in All Shapes and Sizes - About.com
How many types of dinosaurs were there? Here's a list of the 15 main dinosaur types, ranging from ankylosaurs to tyrannosaurs, complete with links to additional  ...
Gorgosaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
This implies that juvenile and full-grown tyrannosaurs inhabited different ecological niches during the late Cretaceous period, and probably subsisted on ...
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Facts About T Rex, King of Dinosaurs
(By the way, don't let the name fool you—it's unknown whether Dinosaur Sue was male or female, though paleontologists now believe that female tyrannosaurs ...
Dinosaurs A to Z - A Guide to the Various Types of Dinosaurs
From Sauropods to Tyrannosaurs, Your Guide to the 15 Major Types of Dinosaurs ... types of carnivorous dinosaurs, including tyrannosaurs, raptors, and more.
The 10 Smartest Dinosaurs
However, not all raptors, tyrannosaurs, stegosaurs and hadrosaurs were equally stupid; some may even (just barely) have attained a mammalian level of ...
Dinosaur Fights - Dinosaurs - About.com
... ever lived. Here's how raptors, tyrannosaurs, ankylosaurs and other kinds of dinosaur wielded their weapons, and why they fought each other in the first place .
Tyrannosaur Pictures - Dinosaurs - About.com
Pictures, illustrations and photos of various tyrannosaurs, ranging from Albertosaurus to T. Rex.
Did Dinosaurs Really Go Extinct? - About.com
... Times · From Sauropods to Tyrannosaurs, Your Guide to the 15 Major Types of Dinosaurs · 10 Facts About the Most Dangerous Big Cat that Ever Lived ...
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