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Titanosaurs - The Last of the Sauropods
By the end of the Cretaceous period, the only sauropods left standing were the titanosaurs--mysterious, armored plant-eaters whose partial skeletons have been  ...
Titanosaur Pictures - Dinosaurs - About.com
Pictures, illustrations and photographs of titanosaurs, the large, herbivorous dinosaurs that succeeded the sauropods.
Puertasaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
(Another South American titanosaur in this size class was Futalognkosaurus, and an Indian genus, Bruhathkayosaurus, may have been even bigger.) ...
Tapuiasaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
A recently discovered titanosaur from South America.
Mendozasaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
This titanosaur was ancestral to Futalognkosaurus.
Vahiny - About.com Dinosaurs
Long, muscular neck; quadrupedal posture. About Vahiny. For years, Rapetosaurus (the "mischievous lizard") was the only titanosaur known to live on the Indian ...
Titanosaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
Titanosaurus is the signature member of the family of dinosaurs known as titanosaurs, which were the last sauropods to roam the earth before the K/T Extinction ...
Maxakalisaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
One of the biggest titanosaurs ever to be discovered in Brazil.
Rinconsaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
Not all titanosaurs were equally titanic. A case in point is Rinconsaurus, which measured only 35 feet from head to tail and weighed about five tons--in stark ...
Erketu - About.com Dinosaurs
All but a handful of sauropods--as well as their lightly armored descendants of the Cretaceous period, the titanosaurs--possessed extremely long necks, and ...
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