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Therizinosaurs - The Weirdest Dinosaurs - About.com
The strange creatures known as therizinosaurs seemed to be assembled out of the bits and pieces of other dinosaurs, including sauropods, ornithopods and ...
Therizinosaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
What set the therizinosaurs (and two other groups of theropod dinosaurs, the ornithomimids and oviraptors) apart from the rest of their breed is the possibility that ...
Erliansaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
The therizinosaurs were some of the ungainliest-looking dinosaurs ever to roam the earth; paleo-illustrators have depicted them as looking like everything from ...
Falcarius - About.com Dinosaurs
Given its extensive fossil remains, Falcarius has a lot to tell us about the evolution of theropods in general, and therizinosaurs in particular. Paleontologists have ...
Dinosaurs Came in All Shapes and Sizes - About.com
Therizinosaurs. therizinosaurus -. Therizinosaurus, the eponymous therizinosaur (Wikimedia Commons). Technically part of the theropod family--the bipedal, ...
The Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals of Utah - About.com
Technically classified as theropod dinosaurs, therizinosaurs were a strange offshoot of this carnivorous breed that subsisted almost entirely on plants. Fossils of ...
Nothronychus - About.com Dinosaurs
As with other therizinosaurs, paleontologists speculate that Nothronychus used its long, curved claws much like a sloth, to climb trees and gather vegetation ...
The Dozen Best Dinosaurs Every Kid Should Know - The 12 Best ...
Therizinosaurs and Pachycephalosaurs. If you don't know either of those, look ' em up, they're awesome. Coming in close behind are the two possible biggest ...
Ornithomimids - The "Bird Mimic" Dinosaurs
These were the only theropods we yet know of, besides the therizinosaurs, that evolved the ability to eat vegetation, as evidenced by the gastroliths found in the  ...
Segnosaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
One of the most unusual, and poorly understood, therizinosaurs.
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