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Steropodon - About.com Prehistoric Mammals
Steropodon (Greek for "lightning tooth"); pronounced steh-ROE-pah-don. Habitat: Woodlands of Australia. Historical Period: Early Cretaceous (110 million years ...
Steropodon Picture - Dinosaurs - About.com
The first Mesozoic mammal to be discovered in Australia, the platypus ancestor Steropodon lived about 15 million years after the more obscure Teinolophos.
Teinolophos - About.com Prehistoric Mammals - Dinosaurs
Steropodon, a close relative of Teinolophos (Australian Museum). ... Its closest relatives were Steropodon, which lived about 15 million years later, and the ...
Protemnodon - About.com Prehistoric Mammals
... Barylambda - About.com Prehistoric Mammals · Megatherium (Giant Sloth) - About.com Prehistoric Mammals · Steropodon - About.com Prehistoric Mammals.
Prehistoric Mammals A to Z - Dinosaurs - About.com
Share. steropodon -. Steropodon · An ancient ancestor of the modern platypus. Share ... The largest marsupial predator of modern times. Share. steropodon - ...
Obdurodon - About.com Prehistoric Mammals
... as it was, Obdurodon wasn't the first platypus ancestor to appear on the prehistoric scene; there were also the early Cretaceous Teinolophos and Steropodon.
Adelobasileus Picture - Dinosaurs - About.com
Megazostrodon · morganucodon - Wikimedia Commons. Morganucodon. Morganucodon · -. Sinodelphys. Sinodelphys · steropodon - Australian Museum.
Phiomia - About.com Prehistoric Mammals
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Deadly Prehistoric Mammal #9 - Repenomamus
Repenomamus Facts · Meet Your Great, Great, Great Grandma - A Tiny, Tree- Dwelling Triassic Shrew · Eomaia Facts · Steropodon Facts · mam101 ...
Eomaia – About.com Prehistoric Mammals
&ensp. Related Articles. Crusafontia Facts · Purgatorius Facts · mam101 · Leptictidium Facts · Steropodon Facts. Our Expert Recommends. The Mammals of the ...
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