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To judge by the single specimen identified so far (in a Kansas fossil bed), the middle Cretaceous Silvisaurus was an especially primitive member of its breed, ...
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Judging by the single specimen of Silvisaurus found so far (at a fossil bed in Kansas), this dinosaur was an especially primitive member of its breed, closely ...
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Silvisaurus. Silvisaurus. struthiosaurus - Getty Images. Struthiosaurus. Struthiosaurus. tatankacephalus - Bill Parsons. Tatankacephalus. Tatankacephalus.
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... Cretaceous ankylosaurs like Euoplocephalus. The closest relatives of Pawpawsaurus were two other North American nodosaurs, Sauropelta and Silvisaurus.
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... the fossils of Sauropelta were reexamined by John H. Ostrom, who identified this dinosaur as a nodosaur closely related to the more obscure Silvisaurus and ...
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... to live in North America. Sigilmassasaurus Was this really a species of Carcharodontosaurus? Silvisaurus This primitive nodosaur was discovered in Kansas.

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