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Sauropods - the Biggest Dinosaurs Ever - About.com
The sauropods were the true giants of the dinosaur family, some genera attaining lengths of over 100 feet and weights of over 100 tons. Here's a brief overview ...
Prosauropods - The Ancient Cousins of the Sauropods - Dinosaurs
Prosauropods ("before the sauropods") were small, herbivorous dinosaurs closely related to the giant sauropods of the late Jurassic period. Here's everything ...
Titanosaurs - The Last of the Sauropods
By the end of the Cretaceous period, the only sauropods left standing were the titanosaurs--mysterious, armored plant-eaters whose partial skeletons have been  ...
Sauropod Pictures - Dinosaurs - About.com
Sauropods were the biggest dinosaurs ever to roam the earth. Here are pictures, photographs and illustrations of famous sauropods ranging from Apatosaurus ...
Sauroposeidon - About.com Dinosaurs
Based on the limited evidence available, what set Sauroposeidon apart from other enormous, small-brained sauropods and titanosaurs was its extreme height .
Dinosaur Quiz - Sauropods - Dinosaurs - About.com
Do you know which dinosaur used to be named Brontosaurus, or what the "pod" in sauropod stands for? Take this fun quiz and test your sauropod smarts!
Diplodocus - About.com Dinosaurs
The prototypical sauropod, Diplodocus is well known from its numerous fossils, though paleontologists still can't quite agree on how it fed. The most widely ...
How Dinosaurs Fought, and the Weapons They Used
The long, flexible tails of sauropods had more than one purpose: they helped to counterbalance these creatures' equally long necks, and their ample surface ...
Argentinosaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
Titanosaurs – The Last of the Sauropods · Sauropods – The Biggest Dinosaurs · Dinosaurs A to Z – A Complete List of All the Dinosaurs that Ever Lived ...
10 Facts About Brachiosaurus - Dinosaurs - About.com
One of the largest dinosaurs on earth during the Jurassic period, Brachiosaurus has become the poster lizard for huge, slow-witted sauropods. Here are 10 facts  ...
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