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Pterodactylus (Pterodactyl) - About.com Pterosaurs - Dinosaurs
Pterodactylus (Greek for "wing finger"); pronounced TEH-roe-DACK-till-us; sometimes called Pterodactyl. Habitat: Shores of Europe and South Africa. Historical ...
Pterodactylus Picture - Dinosaurs - About.com
If you note that "us" on the end, you may realize that Pterodactylus isn't quite the same beast as pterodactyl, a made-up name that's often used by lay people ...
Pterodactylus - Dinosaurs - About.com
The late Jurassic Pterodactylus was characterized by its relatively small size (a wingspan of about three feet and a weight of 10 to 20 pounds), long, narrow beak  ...
Pterodactyl (Pterodactylus) Ten Facts - Dinosaurs - About.com
Pterodactyls (by which most people mean either Pterodactylus or Pteranodon) are the world's most familiar pterosaurs, or flying reptiles. Here are 10 facts you ...
Pterodactyl Pictures - Dinosaurs - About.com
Many people use the word pterodactyl to refer to two distinct pterosaur genera, Pterodactylus and Pteranodon. Here are pictures, illustrations and photographs ...
The Dinosaur Encylopedia - Pterodactyls - Dinosaurs - About.com
When people use the word pterodactyl, they're usually referring to two specific genera of pterosaurs, pterodactylus or pteranodon. Here are some basic facts ...
Germanodactylus - About.com Pterosaurs - Dinosaurs
This pterosaur was once thought to be a species of Pterodactylus.
Georges Cuvier - Profile of the Famous Naturalist - Dinosaurs
Georges Cuvier. Born/Died: 1769-1832. Nationality: French. Genera Named: Mastodon, Megatherium, Mosasaurus, Pterodactylus. About Georges Cuvier:.
Pterosaurs - Giant Bird Myths and Stories - Paranormal Phenomena
Dozens of eyewitness accounts and a few intriguing photographs suggest that this flying monster, thought to have died with the dinosaurs, might still exist.
Solnhofen – Profile of the Dinosaur Fossil Site Solnhofen - Dinosaurs
Archaeopteryx, Compsognathus, Pterodactylus, Rhamphorhynchus ... and various pterosaurs including Pterodactylus, Rhamphorhynchus and Anurognathus.
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