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Prosauropods - The Ancient Cousins of the Sauropods - Dinosaurs
Prosauropods ("before the sauropods") were small, herbivorous dinosaurs closely related to the giant sauropods of the late Jurassic period. Here's everything ...
Prosauropods - Dinosaurs - About.com
Prosauropods, one of the 15 major types of dinosaurs.
Plateosaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
Rather, it's likely that Plateosaurus and other prosauropods evolved this feature in order to better grasp the leaves or small branches of trees, and it wouldn't ...
Prosauropod Pictures - Dinosaurs - About.com
Prosauropods were the smaller, more ancient cousins of the giant sauropods that dominated the late Jurassic period. Here are pictures, illustrations and ...
Saturnalia - About.com Dinosaurs
Saurolophus Facts · The First Dinosaurs · Prosauropods - The Ancient Cousins of the Sauropods · Panphagia Facts · Unaysaurus Facts · These Runty, ...
Unaysaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
Unaysaurus may well have been one of the first true prosauropods, a slender, 200-pound plant-eater that probably spent much of its time walking on two legs.
Jingshanosaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
One of the largest prosauropods--the herbivorous, four-footed, distant uncles of the later sauropods--ever to walk the earth, Jingshanosaurus tipped the scales at  ...
Yizhousaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
Long story short, the discovery of Yizhousaurus means that paleontologists may be close to identifying the family of prosauropods from which the sauropods ...
Pampadromaeus - About.com Dinosaurs
... shift occurred that gave rise to the first omnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs, which themselves evolved into the very first prosauropods like Plateosaurus.
Seitaad - About.com Dinosaurs
Prosauropods (or sauropodomorphs, as they're also called) were small, occasionally bipedal herbivores that were distantly ancestral to the giant sauropods of ...
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