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About Primelephas: In evolutionary terms, Primelephas (Greek for "first elephant") was important for being the latest common ancestor of both modern African ...
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Primelephas' ("first elephant") claim to fame is being the immediate ancestor of both modern elephants and the woolly mammoth (known to paleontologists by its  ...
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Platybelodon This prehistoric elephant came equipped with its own spork. Primelephas The immediate predecessor of the modern elephant. Stegomastodon ...
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platybelodon -. Platybelodon. Platybelodon. primelephas -. Primelephas. Primelephas. stegomastodon - Wikimedia Commons. Stegomastodon. Stegomastodon.
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Potamotherium Facts · Was it ancestral to seals or weasels? Share. primelephas -. Primelephas Facts · The immediate predecessor of the modern elephant.
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Oct 14, 2004 ... African Savanna Elephant - Facts, Classification and Evolution of the African Elephant · Primelephas - Prehistoric Elephant Primelephas ...
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Moeritherium Facts · Witness the Slow Parade of Pachyderm Evolution · Phosphatherium Facts · Primelephas Facts · Palaeomastodon Facts · Amebelodon Facts ...
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Related Articles. Primelephas Facts · Stegotetrabelodon Facts · Phiomia Facts · Moeritherium Facts · Phosphatherium Facts · Desmostylus Facts ...
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Phiomia Facts · Witness the Slow Parade of Pachyderm Evolution · Barytherium Facts · Phosphatherium Facts · Palaeomastodon Facts · Primelephas Facts ...
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Stegomastodon Facts · Ancient Elephant Gomphotheres: Dinner for Pre-Clovis and Clovis · Stegotetrabelodon Facts · Tetralophodon Facts · Primelephas Facts ...
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