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Prehistoric Sharks and Shark Evolution - Dinosaurs - About.com
If you went back in time and looked at the first, unremarkable prehistoric sharks of the Ordovician period--about 420 million years ago--you might never guess ...
Prehistoric Shark Pictures - Dinosaurs - About.com
Pictures, illustrations and photographs of prehistoric sharks, ranging from Cladoselache to Xenacanthus.
Megalodon - About.com Prehistoric Sharks
Enya Kim from the Natural History department at auctioneers Bonhams & Butterfields stands in front of one of the world's largest set of shark jaws comprised of ...
Squalicorax - About.com Prehistoric Sharks
As with most prehistoric sharks, Squalicorax is known today mainly by its fossilized teeth, which endured much better in the fossil record than its easily degraded ...
Cretoxyrhina - About.com Prehistoric Sharks
Cretoxyrhina is one of the best-known of all prehistoric sharks. The first fossils were discovered relatively early, in the 1840's, and followed up 50 years later by  ...
Cladoselache - About.com Prehistoric Sharks
Cladoselache is one of those prehistoric sharks that's more famous for what it ... vast majority of sharks (both prehistoric and modern) use to impregnate females.
Hybodus - About.com Prehistoric Sharks
Most tellingly, though, Hybodus seems to have been more solidly built than other prehistoric sharks. Part of the reason why so many fossils of this genus have ...
Orthacanthus - About.com Prehistoric Sharks
This prehistoric shark had a distinctive spine on its head.
Stethacanthus - About.com Prehistoric Sharks
The males of this Devonian shark had "ironing boards" on their backs.
Xenacanthus - About.com Prehistoric Sharks
As prehistoric sharks go, Xenacanthus was the runt of the aquatic litter--the numerous species of this genus measured only about two feet long, and had a very ...
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