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Saber-Toothed Cats - Prehistoric Species - Dinosaurs - About.com
They weren't technically tigers, but saber-toothed cats were every bit as dangerous to the grazing mammals ... The Big-Toothed "Tigers" of the Prehistoric Plains.
10 Big Cats That Didn't Make It Into the 21st Century - Dinosaurs
... 20th centuries. Here are the 10 most notable big cats that have gone extinct in historical times. ... 10 Prehistoric Battles That Could (and Probably Did) Happen.
10 Facts About the Saber-Tooth Tiger - Dinosaurs - About.com
Along with the Woolly Mammoth, the Saber-Tooth Tiger (one of three species of cats belonging to the genus Smilodon) was the most famous prehistoric mammal  ...
Prehistoric Dogs and Dog Evolution - Dinosaurs - About.com
Here's everything you need to know about prehistoric dogs and dog evolution. ... serpentine affair involving not only dogs, but prehistoric hyenas, bears, cats, ...
The Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals of Florida
Prehistoric Florida was populated by a healthy assortment of horses and elephants (see below), so it only makes sense that predatory saber-toothed cats also ...
Prehistoric Mammals A to Z - Dinosaurs - About.com
Profiles of the early, prehistoric mammals that coexisted with the dinosaurs, as well as the saber-toothed cats, woolly mammoths, giant sloths, and other ...
The First Cat - Proailurus - Dinosaurs - About.com
Whale Evolution - The Story of Prehistoric Whales · Saber-Toothed Cats - The Tigers of the ... 10 Facts About Megalodon, the World's Deadliest Prehistoric Shark ...
Barbary Lion - About.com Prehistoric Mammals
Barbourofelis Facts · Prehistoric Cats - The Story of Cat Evolution · A Complete, A to Z ... 10 Prehistoric Battles That Could (and Probably Did) Happen · Dinosaur ...
Barbourofelis - About.com Prehistoric Mammals
About Barbourofelis: The most notable of the barbourofelids--a family of prehistoric cats perched midway between the nimravids, or "false" saber-toothed cats, ...
Beyond Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Animals - About.com
Here are profiles and descriptions of other prehistoric animals, including the ancestors of modern horses, cats, dogs, fish, sharks and birds--as well as the ...
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