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Articles related to prehistoric amphibians

Amphibian Evolution - The Story of Prehistoric Amphibians - Dinosaurs
Here's the strange thing about amphibian evolution: You wouldn't know it from the small (and rapidly dwindling) population of frogs, toads and salamanders ...
Prehistoric Amphibian Pictures - Dinosaurs - About.com
A picture of the prehistoric amphibian Amphibamus.
Profiles of Prehistoric Fish, Sharks, Tetrapods and Amphibians
Profiles of the tetrapods and amphibians that preceded the dinosaurs, as well as prehistoric fish, sharks, and other marine creatures.
Amphibamus - About.com Prehistoric Amphibians - Dinosaurs
One of the earliest identified prehistoric amphibians.
Diplocaulus - About.com Prehistoric Amphibians - Dinosaurs
This Permian amphibian had a boomerang-shaped skull.
Megalocephalus - About.com Prehistoric Amphibians - Dinosaurs
Not much is known about this big-headed amphibian.
Gerrothorax - About.com Prehistoric Amphibians - Dinosaurs
One of the most distinctive of all prehistoric amphibians, Gerrothorax possessed a flat, football-shaped head with eyes fixed on top, as well as external, feathery ...
Branchiosaurus - About.com Prehistoric Amphibians - Dinosaurs
Not to be confused with the much bigger Brachiosaurus.
Gerobatrachus - About.com Prehistoric Amphibians - Dinosaurs
This Permian amphibian is better known as the Frogamander.
Microbrachis - About.com Prehistoric Amphibians - Dinosaurs
Microbrachis is the most notable genus of the family of prehistoric amphibians known as "microsaurs," which were characterized by, you guessed it, their tiny ...
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