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Phiomia - About.com Prehistoric Mammals - Dinosaurs
Name: Phiomia (after the Fayum area of Egypt); pronounced fee-OH-mee-ah. Habitat: Woodlands of northern Africa. Historical Epoch: Late Eocene-Early ...
Phiomia Picture - Dinosaurs - About.com
A picture of the prehistoric elephant Phiomia. Page 12.
Prehistoric Elephants and Elephant Evolution - Dinosaurs - About.com
The two most notable proboscids after Phosphatherium were Phiomia and Moeritherium, which also lived in northern African swamps and woodlands circa  ...
Phosphatherium - About.com Prehistoric Mammals - Dinosaurs
Phosphatherium's immediate descendants of the Eocene epoch included Moeritherium, Barytherium and Phiomia, the last being the only such mammal that ...
Prehistoric Elephant Pictures - Dinosaurs - About.com
Dwarf Elephant · Straight-Tusked Elephant (Elephas Antiquus) · Gomphotherium · Mastodon · Woolly Mammoth · Moeritherium · Palaeomastodon · Phiomia ...
Phosphatherium Picture - Dinosaurs - About.com
Phosphatherium's associates of the later Eocene epoch included Moeritherium, Barytherium and Phiomia (the last being the only such "proboscid" that could be ...
Gomphotheres - Extinct Elephant in the Americas - About Archaeology
Illustration of a Phiomia, a type of Gomphothere from the Oligocene period, and a present-day African elephant (Loxodonta africana). Dorling Kindersley / Getty ...
Prehistoric Mammals A to Z - Dinosaurs - About.com
Profiles of the early, prehistoric mammals that coexisted with the dinosaurs, as well as the saber-toothed cats, woolly mammoths, giant sloths, and other ...
South Africa Elephant Whispers Training Photo
Related Articles. Africa Travel Information, Tips & Advice · Animal ID Challenge - Asian Elephant · Phiomia Facts. Our Expert Recommends. South Africa · Rovos ...
Elephant Whispers in South Africa Trunk Photo
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