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Ornithopods - The Small, Herbivorous Dinosaurs
In their own way, ornithopods--the small, mostly two-legged herbivorous dinosaurs of the Mesozoic Era--have had a disproportionate impact on the history of ...
Ornithopod Pictures - Dinosaurs - About.com
A picture of the ornithopod dinosaur Albertadromeus.
Parksosaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
About Parksosaurus. Since hadrosaurs (duck-billed dinosaurs) evolved from smaller ornithopods, you might be forgiven for thinking that most of the ornithopods ...
Siamodon - About.com Dinosaurs
This ornithopod was recently discovered in Thailand.
Barilium - About.com Dinosaurs
Yet another iguanodontid ornithopod of the British Isles.
The Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals of Utah - About.com
Ornithopods were the sheep and cattle of the Mesozoic Era: smallish, plant- eating dinosaurs that were preyed on by ravenous theropods. Utah's roster of ...
Dinosaurs A to Z - About.com
Delapparentia This ornithopod was initially classified as a species of Iguanodon. ... E. Echinodon One of the few ornithopods to sport a set of canines.
Uteodon - About.com Dinosaurs
Such is the case with Uteodon, which for over a century was considered a specimen, and then a separate species, of the well-known North American ornithopod ...
Mochlodon - About.com Dinosaurs
... Mochlodon was designated as Iguanodon suessii in 1871, but it soon became clear that this was a much more petite ornithopod that deserved its own genus, ...
Agilisaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
This "agile lizard" was one of the earliest ornithopod dinosaurs.
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