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Micropachycephalosaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
Because Micropachycephalosaurus has been reconstructed from incomplete remains dug up in China, the possibility looms that this genus may one day be ...
Micropachycephalosaurus Picture - Dinosaurs - About.com
The size of Micropachycephalosaurus was inversely proportional to the length of its name: this bone-headed dinosaur wouldn't have been much of a match for ...
Cute Dinosaur #7 - Micropachycephalosaurus
From the shortest dinosaur name (Mei, see previous page) we come to the longest, with absolutely no diminution in cuteness. Micropachycephalosaurus ...
Pachycephalosaur Pictures - Dinosaurs - About.com
micropachycephalosaurus - H. Kyoht Luterman. Micropachycephalosaurus. Micropachycephalosaurus. pachycephalosaurus - Wikimedia Commons.
The 10 Strangest Dinosaur Names - Dinosaurs - About.com
The current record-holder for Longest Dinosaur Name, Micropachycephalosaurus ("tiny, thick-headed lizard") was a wee, inoffensive creature that probably ...
Dinosaur Basics - Dinosaurs - About.com
What is a dinosaur? When and where did dinosaurs live? And why are they called "dinosaurs" in the first place?
The Greek Words Used to Name Dinosaur - Dinosaurs - About.com
When it comes to dinosaur names, it can be hard to distinguish a Micropachycephalosaurus from a Brachytrachelopan, especially if you don't happen to know ...
Cute Dinosaur #1 - Chaoyangsaurus - Dinosaurs - About.com
Believe it or not, the adorably tiny (only three feet long from head to tail and 20 or 30 pounds), tuft-tailed, two-legged Chaoyangsaurus was a distant ancestor of ...
Dinosaur Books for Children - Gifted Children - About.com
... well known: the Tyrannasaurus Rex, the Triceratops, and the Stegasaurus, but how about the lesser-known dinosaurs like the Micropachycephalosaurus?
Dinosaur Quiz - Weird Dinosaur Names - Dinosaurs - About.com
b) it had an unusually aggressive disposition c) its pebbly skin made it look like it had a rash. Read more about Irritator. 6. Micropachycephalosaurus is Greek for
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