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Megantereon - About.com Prehistoric Mammals
Because its front canines weren't quite as powerful and well-developed as those of the true saber-toothed cats, most notably Smilodon, Megantereon is ...
Megantereon Picture - Dinosaurs - About.com
Megantereon was one of the most successful predators of its day, making its living by stalking the giant, herbivorous mammals of the Tertiary and Quaternary  ...
Deadly Prehistoric Animal #6 - Megantereon - Dinosaurs - About.com
That's because the true saber-toothed menace of the Pleistocene epoch was Megantereon, which was much, much smaller (only about four feet long and 100  ...
Deadly Prehistoric Mammal #9 - Repenomamus
Repenomamus ("reptile mammal") is the odd mammal out on this list: it's much, much older (dating to the early Cretaceous period, about 125 million years ago) ...
Deadly Prehistoric Mammal #7 - Paranthropus
Ancient mammals weren't only deadly by dint of their large sizes or extra-sharp teeth. Witness Paranthropus, a close relative of the better-known human ancestor  ...
Deadly Prehistoric Mammal #10 - Thylacoleo - Dinosaurs - About.com
Better known as the "marsupial lion," Thylacoleo is a prime example of convergent evolution at work: somehow, this relative of wombats and kangaroos evolved ...
Deadly Prehistoric Mammal #8 - Pachycrocuta
It seems that every mammal alive today came in bigger packages during the Pleistocene epoch, a million or so years ago. Exhibit A is Pachycrocuta, also known ...
Deadly Prehistoric Mammal #4 - The Giant Short-Faced Bear
The Cave Bear (Ursus spelaeus) gets all the press, but the Giant Short-Faced Bear (Arctodus simus) was the true ursine menace of Pleistocene North America.
Saber-Toothed Cats - Prehistoric Species - Dinosaurs - About.com
Machairodus One of the earliest of the true saber-toothed cats. Megantereon One of the most successful predators of the prehistoric plains. Metailurus A sleeker ...
Deadly Prehistoric Mammal #2 - Brontotherium
Unlike the other mammals on this list, Brontotherium ("thunder beast") was a confirmed herbivore--what made it so deadly were its sturdy nasal horn and two- to ...
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