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Mantellisaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
Mantellisaurus corrects one of history's injustices in yet another way. The original fossil of Iguanodon was discovered by the famous naturalist Gideon Mantell, ...
Mantellisaurus Picture - Dinosaurs - About.com
Until 2006, Mantellisaurus classified as a species of Iguanodon--mainly because Iguanodon was discovered so early in the history of paleontology that every ...
Ornithopod Pictures - Dinosaurs - About.com
mantellisaurus - Nobu Tamura. Mantellisaurus. Mantellisaurus. muttaburrasaurus - Wikimedia Commons. Muttaburrasaurus. Muttaburrasaurus. orodromeus -.
Gideonmantellia - About.com Dinosaurs
Confusingly, Gideonmantellia and Mantellisaurus lived at about the same time ( the early Cretaceous period) and in the same ecosystem (the woodlands of ...
The 15 Main Dinosaur Types - Dinosaurs - About.com
By an accident of history, ornithopods like Iguanodon and Mantellisaurus were among the first dinosaurs ever to be excavated, reconstructed and named, putting ...
Mantellodon - About.com Dinosaurs
... Mantellisaurus, and (the most dubious of the bunch) Mantellodon. In 2012, Gregory Paul "rescued" Mantellodon from Iguanodon, where it had previously been ...
Ornithopods - The Small, Herbivorous Dinosaurs
For example, the genus Mantellisaurus was created as recently as 2006, based on its obvious differences from Iguanodon (to which it's still closely related, ...
Ten Facts About the Genus Iguanodon - Dinosaurs - About.com
In fact, more ornithopods have been named after famous paleontologists than any other type of dinosaur (examples include the Iguanodon-like Mantellisaurus  ...
Gideon Mantell - Profile of the Famous Paleontologist - Dinosaurs
... anonymous, damning obituary of Mantell after the latter's death, which didn't prevent a future paleontologist from naming a genus in his honor, Mantellisaurus.
Iguanodon Picture - Dinosaurs - About.com
... an ornithopod, more of which have been named after famous paleontologists than any other type of dinosaur (for example, the Iguanodon-like Mantellisaurus).
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