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Hylaeosaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
Oddly enough, the fossil of Hylaeosaurus is still exactly as Mantell found it-- encased in a block of limestone, at the London Museum of Natural History. Perhaps ...
Gideon Mantell - Profile of the Famous Paleontologist - Dinosaurs
Iguanodon, Hylaeosaurus. About Gideon Mantell: Trained as an obstetrician, Gideon Mantell was inspired to hunt for fossils by the example of Mary Anning ( who ...
Kritosaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
Like the armored dinosaur Hylaeosaurus, Kritosaurus is more important from a historical than from a paleontological point of view. This hadrosaur was ...
Iguanodon Picture - Dinosaurs - About.com
Along with Megalosaurus and Hylaeosaurus, Iguanodon was one of the three dinosaurs to be displayed to the public at the relocated Crystal Palace exhibition  ...
Thecodontosaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
... 1834--and was only the fifth dinosaur ever to receive an official name, after Megalosaurus, Iguanodon, Streptospondylus and the now-dubious Hylaeosaurus.
Astrodon - About.com Dinosaurs
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Regnosaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
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Gastonia - About.com Dinosaurs
Related Articles. Utahraptor Facts · Utah's Most Famous Dinosaur, Exposed! North American Dinosaurs · Utahraptor vs. Iguanodon! Hylaeosaurus Facts ...
Incisivosaurus – About.com Dinosaurs
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Aletopelta - About.com Dinosaurs
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