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Hipparion - About.com Prehistoric Mammals
Along with Hippidion and Merychippus, Hipparion was one of the most successful prehistoric horses of the Miocene epoch, evolving in North America about 20 ...
Hipparion Picture - Dinosaurs - About.com
To the untrained eye, Hipparion would have appeared almost identical to modern horses, with the exception of the two vestigial toes surrounding its hooves.
Merychippus - About.com Prehistoric Mammals
Paleontologists believe that all prehistoric horses after the late Miocene epoch, including Hipparion and Hippidion, evolved directly from Merychippus. (By the ...
Prehistoric Horses - The Story of Their Evolution
Chief among these were the similarly named Hipparion ("like a horse") and Hippidion ("like a pony"). Hipparion was the most successful horse of its day, ...
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Dinohippus. epihippus - Florida Museum of Natural History. Epihippus. Epihippus . hipparion - Wikimedia Commons. Hipparion. Hipparion. hippidion -. Hippidion.
Hippidion - About.com Prehistoric Mammals
Although prehistoric horses like Hipparion flourished in North America during the Eocene epoch, equines didn't make it down to South America until about two ...
Anchitherium - About.com Prehistoric Mammals
In fact, around 15 million years ago, Anchitherium was displaced from its North American habitat by better-adapted equines like Hipparion and Merychippus, ...
Merychippus Picture - Dinosaurs - About.com
Merychippus Facts · Hipparion Facts · Here's How Prehistoric Horses Lost Their Toes · Anchitherium Facts · Hyracotherium Facts · We Posed These Prehistoric ...
Hesperocyon - About.com Prehistoric Mammals
Our Expert Recommends. Hipparion Facts · Saber-Toothed Cats - The "Tigers" of the Prehistoric Plains · Prehistoric Horses - The Story of Horse Evolution. Ads.
Dinohippus - About.com Prehistoric Mammals
... Just How "Terrible" Were These Prehistoric Animals? Eucyon Facts · Anchitherium Facts · Hipparion Facts · Here's How Prehistoric Horses Lost Their Toes ...
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