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Otherwise a plain-vanilla hadrosaur (duck-billed dinosaur) of the late Cretaceous period, Gilmoreosaurus is important for what it has revealed about dinosaur ...
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Scientists still don't know what caused the tumors found in Gilmoreosaurus vertebrae; it's possible that populations of this hadrosaur possessed a genetic ...
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gilmoreosaurus - Getty Images. Gilmoreosaurus. Gilmoreosaurus. gryposaurus -. Gryposaurus. Gryposaurus. kritosaurus - Wikimedia Commons. Kritosaurus.
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Our Expert Recommends. Gilmoreosaurus Facts · Ankylosaurs - The Armored Dinosaurs · Dinosaurs A to Z – A Complete List of All the Dinosaurs that Ever ...
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... standard-issue hadrosaur (duck-billed dinosaur) of the late Cretaceous period, closely related to the slightly less obscure Gilmoreosaurus and Tethyshadros.
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Gilmoreosaurus One of the few dinosaurs known to have suffered from cancer. Giraffatitan Might this "giant giraffe" have been a species of Brachiosaurus?
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Plant-eating dinosaurs, large and small, of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

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