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As impressive as it sounds, Gigantspinosaurus ("giant spined lizard") is what's known among paleontologists as a nomen dubium: there's simply not enough ...
Gigantspinosaurus Picture - Dinosaurs - About.com
There's simply not enough fossil evidence to determine whether Gigantspinosaurus was a true stegosaur, or if it was a true stegosaur, whether it merits being ...
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Guess what famous naturalist this dinosaur was named after? Share. gigantspinosaurus - · Gigantspinosaurus · This impressively named beast may or may not ...
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There are still some mysteries, though: for example, the tantalizingly named Gigantspinosaurus had two huge spikes protruding from its shoulders, making its  ...
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Chungkingosaurus. Chungkingosaurus · gigantspinosaurus -. Gigantspinosaurus . Gigantspinosaurus · Hesperosaurus - North American Museum of Ancient Life.
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Gigantoraptor This huge oviraptor weighed over two tons. Gigantspinosaurus It may or may not have been a true stegosaur. Gilmoreosaurus One of the few ...

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