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Giant Penguin (Icadyptes) - About.com Prehistoric Birds
A relatively recent addition to the prehistoric bird roster, Icadyptes, aka the Giant Penguin, was "diagnosed" in 2007 based on a single, well-preserved fossil.
Anthropornis - About.com Prehistoric Birds
(In this respect, this "human bird" was bigger even than the putative Giant Penguin, Icadyptes, and other plus-sized prehistoric penguin species like Inkayacu.) ...
Anthropornis, the Man Bird - Dinosaurs - About.com
... pounds, Anthropornis was roughly the size of a college football player, and ( oddly enough) was bigger on average than the putative Giant Penguin, Icadyptes .
Prehistoric Birds A to Z - Dinosaurs - About.com
A lesser-known cousin of New Zealand's giant moas. Share ... Andalgalornis · This "terror bird" hatcheted prey with its giant beak. Share. penguin - ...
Threats to Penguins and Penguin Conservation
Invasive Species: Most penguins nest in huge colonies, often on isolated islands. Introduced predators can devastate even the largest nesting colony in just a ...
FAST Paddles from Tropical Penguin - Giant Hand Paddles to Help ...
The folks at Tropical Penguin have a new swimmer's hand paddle that will scare ... better, but at first glance all you will think is "THOSE PADDLES ARE HUGE!
Kairuku - About.com Prehistoric Birds
And yes, in case you were curious, Kairuku was even bigger than the so-called Giant Penguin, Icadyptes, which lived a few million years earlier in South ...
Copepteryx - About.com Prehistoric Birds
The Japanese Copepteryx seems to have gone extinct at about the same time ( 23 million years ago) as the true giant penguins of the southern hemisphere, ...
Inkayacu - About.com Prehistoric Birds
Inkayacu isn't the first plus-sized prehistoric penguin to have been discovered in modern-day Peru; that honor belongs to Icadyptes, also known as the Giant ...
Dinornis (Giant Moa) - About.com Prehistoric Birds
Although Dinornis (also known as the Giant Moa) wasn't the heaviest prehistoric bird that ever lived--that honor belongs to Aepyornis, or the Elephant Bird--it ...
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