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Giant Penguin (Icadyptes) - About.com Prehistoric Birds
A relatively recent addition to the prehistoric bird roster, Icadyptes, aka the Giant Penguin, was "diagnosed" in 2007 based on a single, well-preserved fossil.
Anthropornis - About.com Prehistoric Birds
(In this respect, this "human bird" was bigger even than the putative Giant Penguin, Icadyptes, and other plus-sized prehistoric penguin species like Inkayacu.) ...
Inkayacu - About.com Prehistoric Birds
Inkayacu isn't the first plus-sized prehistoric penguin to have been discovered in modern-day Peru; that honor belongs to Icadyptes, also known as the Giant ...
FAST Paddles from Tropical Penguin - Giant Hand Paddles to Help ...
The folks at Tropical Penguin have a new swimmer's hand paddle that will scare ... But there is a lot more to them (than just their large surface area) that will help ...
Threats to Penguins and Penguin Conservation
With their stout bodies, large nesting colonies and isolated habitats, penguins seem to be robust, untouchable birds, but in reality they face many critical dangers ...
Kairuku - About.com Prehistoric Birds
And yes, in case you were curious, Kairuku was even bigger than the so-called Giant Penguin, Icadyptes, which lived a few million years earlier in South ...
Waimanu - About.com Prehistoric Birds
The Giant Penguin (also known as Icadyptes) gets all the press, but the fact is that this 40-million-year-old waddler was far from the first penguin in the geologic  ...
Types of Seabirds - Pelagic Birds - Birding and Wild Birds - About.com
A type of auk that resembles penguins, murres have dark and light ... These large auks with their colorful bills are often called sea clowns or sea parrots.
Copepteryx - About.com Prehistoric Birds
The Japanese Copepteryx seems to have gone extinct at about the same time ( 23 million years ago) as the true giant penguins of the southern hemisphere, ...
Prehistoric Birds A to Z - Dinosaurs - About.com
Adzebill Facts · A lesser-known cousin of New Zealand's giant moas. Share ... This "terror bird" hatcheted prey with its giant beak. Share. penguin - ...
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