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Eryops - About.com Prehistoric Amphibians - Dinosaurs
One of the best-known prehistoric amphibians of the early Permian period, Eryops had the broad outlines of a crocodile, with its low-slung trunk, splayed legs ...
Eryops Picture - Dinosaurs - About.com
Eryops had the broad outline of a crocodile, with its low-slung trunk, splayed legs and massive head. One of the biggest land animals of its time, it wasn't all that ...
Amphibian Evolution - The Story of Prehistoric Amphibians - Dinosaurs
Another late Carboniferous/early Permian genus, Eryops, was much shorter than Eogyrinus but more sturdily built, with massive, tooth-studded jaws and strong ...
Prehistoric Amphibian Pictures - Dinosaurs - About.com
Diadectes. Diadectes. diplocaulus -. Diplocaulus. Diplocaulus. eogyrinus - Nobu Tamura. Eogyrinus. Eogyrinus. eryops - Wikimedia Commons. Eryops. Eryops.
Orthacanthus - About.com Prehistoric Sharks
There's been some speculation that Orthacanthus feasted on large prehistoric amphibians (Eryops being cited as a likely example) as well as fish, but proof for  ...
Prehistoric Life During the Permian Period - Dinosaurs - About.com
Two of the most notable amphibians of the early Permian were the six-foot-long Eryops and the bizarre Diplocaulus, which looked like a tentacled boomerang.
The Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals of Texas - About.com
Among the genera calling Texas home were Eryops, Cardiocephalus and the bizarre Diplocaulus, which possessed an oversized, boomerang-shaped head.
Anthodon - About.com Prehistoric Reptiles
Related Articles. Paranthodon Facts · Bradysaurus Facts · Hipposaurus Facts · Pareiasaurus Facts · Elginia Facts · Eryops Facts ...
10 Dinosaur-Sized Prehistoric Animals - About.com
... about the size it might have attained if it hadn't been pulverized in the K/T Extinction. eryops -. Eryops, a close relative of Kryostega (Wikimedia Commons).
Profiles of Prehistoric Fish, Sharks, Tetrapods and Amphibians
Profiles of the tetrapods and amphibians that preceded the dinosaurs, as well as prehistoric fish, sharks, and other marine creatures.
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