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Eogyrinus - About.com Prehistoric Amphibians - Dinosaurs
If you saw Eogyrinus without your glasses on, you might have mistaken this prehistoric amphibian for a good-sized snake; like a snake, it was covered with ...
Eogyrinus Picture - Dinosaurs - About.com
Like a modern snake, the early amphibian Eogyrinus was covered with scales (a direct inheritance from its fish ancestors), which helped protect it as it twisted its ...
Amphibian Evolution - The Story of Prehistoric Amphibians - Dinosaurs
By this time, some genera had attained relatively monstrous sizes--a good example being Eogyrinus ("dawn tadpole"), a slender, crocodile-like creature that  ...
Microbrachis - About.com Prehistoric Amphibians - Dinosaurs
This Permian amphibian spent most of its life in the water.
Prehistoric Amphibian Pictures - Dinosaurs - About.com
eogyrinus - Nobu Tamura. Eogyrinus. Eogyrinus · eryops - Wikimedia Commons. Eryops. Eryops · fedexia -. Fedexia. Fedexia · gerobatrachus -. Gerobatrachus.
Profiles of Prehistoric Fish, Sharks, Tetrapods and Amphibians
Profiles of the tetrapods and amphibians that preceded the dinosaurs, as well as prehistoric fish, sharks, and other marine creatures.
Metoposaurus - About.com Prehistoric Amphibians - Dinosaurs
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Archegosaurus - About.com Prehistoric Amphibians - Dinosaurs
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Gerrothorax - About.com Prehistoric Amphibians - Dinosaurs
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Palaelodus - About.com Prehistoric Birds
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