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Raptors - The Bird-Like Dinosaurs of the Cretaceous Period
First, you might be surprised to learn that "raptor" itself is a semi-made-up, Hollywood-type name: paleontologists prefer to talk about "dromaeosaurs" ( Greek for ...
Velociraptor - About.com Dinosaurs
This dinosaur was vicious--but a lot smaller than you thought.
Dromaeosaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
Dromaeosaurus is the eponymous genus of dromaeosaurs, the smallish, speedy, bipedal, probably feather-covered carnivorous theropods better known to the ...
Dromaeosaurus Picture - Dinosaurs - About.com
It's not nearly as well known as more famous raptors like Velociraptor or Deinonychus, but the fact is that, technically, Dromaeosaurus ("running lizard") has ...
The Dozen Best Dinosaurs Every Kid Should Know - The 12 Best ...
Spinosaurus. Another group that ranks up there in my books are the dromaeosaurs such as Velociraptor and Dienonychus who, like Spinosaurus, got inaccurate ...
Saurornitholestes - About.com Dinosaurs
Both these dinosaurs were excellent examples of late Cretaceous dromaeosaurs (better known to the general public as raptors), with their slight, agile builds, ...
Tianyuraptor - About.com Dinosaurs
... its relatively long legs and relatively short arms, proportions that differ from most other dromaeosaurs (or raptors, as they're more commonly known) of Eurasia.
Tyrannosaurs - The Most Dangerous Dinosaurs
As you might already have guessed, tyrannosaurs were closely related to dromaeosaurs--the relatively small, two-legged, vicious dinosaurs better known as ...
Types of Dinosaurs - About.com
Want to know the difference between Therizinosaurus and Velociraptor? Here are descriptions of the major genera of dinosaurs (as well as flying and swimming ...
Rahonavis - About.com Dinosaurs
... researchers assumed it was a type of bird, but further study showed certain traits common to dromaeosaurs (better known to the general public as raptors).

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