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Raptors - The Bird-Like Dinosaurs of the Cretaceous Period
First, you might be surprised to learn that "raptor" itself is a semi-made-up, Hollywood-type name: paleontologists prefer to talk about "dromaeosaurs" ( Greek for ...
Dromaeosaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
Dromaeosaurus is the eponymous genus of dromaeosaurs, the smallish, speedy, bipedal, probably feather-covered carnivorous theropods better known to the ...
The Dozen Best Dinosaurs Every Kid Should Know - The 12 Best ...
Spinosaurus. Another group that ranks up there in my books are the dromaeosaurs such as Velociraptor and Dienonychus who, like Spinosaurus, got inaccurate ...
Dromaeosaurus Picture - Dinosaurs - About.com
... the entire raptor line--a group of bipedal, feathered, predatory dinosaurs better known among paleontologists as "dromaeosaurs." More about Dromaeosaurus.
Tianyuraptor - About.com Dinosaurs
... its relatively long legs and relatively short arms, proportions that differ from most other dromaeosaurs (or raptors, as they're more commonly known) of Eurasia.
Rahonavis - About.com Dinosaurs
... researchers assumed it was a type of bird, but further study showed certain traits common to dromaeosaurs (better known to the general public as raptors).
Saurornitholestes - About.com Dinosaurs
Both these dinosaurs were excellent examples of late Cretaceous dromaeosaurs (better known to the general public as raptors), with their slight, agile builds, ...
Tyrannosaurs - The Most Dangerous Dinosaurs - About.com
As you might already have guessed, tyrannosaurs were closely related to dromaeosaurs--the relatively small, two-legged, vicious dinosaurs better known as ...
Types of Dinosaurs - About.com
Want to know the difference between Therizinosaurus and Velociraptor? Here are descriptions of the major genera of dinosaurs (as well as flying and swimming ...

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