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Prehistoric Dogs and Dog Evolution - Dinosaurs - About.com
Most people know the end of the story of dog evolution--when wolves were domesticated by early humans. The fact is, though, that prehistoric dogs roamed the ...
Prehistoric Whales and Whale Evolution - Dinosaurs - About.com
It may be hard to believe, but the story of whale evolution begins with terrestrial, dog-sized mammals that roamed central Asia about 50 million years ago.
Eucyon - About.com Prehistoric Mammals
To simplify matters just a bit, the late Miocene Eucyon was the last link in the chain of prehistoric dog evolution before the appearance of Canis, the single genus ...
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey Recap - Episode 102 - Evolution
The cuter the dog, the more likely it was to be adopted by a human. Ads ... and humans have been helping control evolution of other species ever since then.
Cynodictis - About.com Prehistoric Mammals
Until recently, it was widely believed that Cynodictis was the first true "canid," and thus lay at the root of 30 million years of dog evolution. Today, though, its ...
Evolution - The Story of Prehistoric Primates - Dinosaurs - About.com
Here's everything you need to know about primate evolution, along with a list of important ... of the Cenozoic Era · Prehistoric Dogs - The Story of Dog Evolution.
10 Facts About the Dire Wolf - Dinosaurs - About.com
All About Canis Dirus, the Top Dog of the Pleistocene Epoch ... The Dire Wolf ( Canus dirus) occupied a side branch of canine evolution; it wasn't directly ...
Borophagus - About.com Prehistoric Mammals
Closely related to the slightly bigger Epicyon, this prehistoric dog (or "canid," as it should technically be ... 5 Things You Might Not Understand About Evolution.
Prehistoric Animals - Dinosaurs - About.com
Most people know only the end of the story of dog evolution--when wolves were domesticated by early humans. The fact is, though, that prehistoric dogs roamed  ...
Artificial Selection in Animals - Evolution - About.com
In fact, Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, used artificial selection to help bolster ... A very common example of artificial selection in animals is dog breeding.
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