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Citipati - About.com Dinosaurs
Closely related to another, more famous, central Asian theropod, Oviraptor, Citipati partook of the same devoted child-rearing behavior: the fossilized specimens ...
Citipati Picture - Dinosaurs - About.com
The fossil specimens of the emu-sized Citipati were found sitting atop clutches of eggs, in poses identical to those of modern nesting birds. More about Citipati.
Dinosaur Egg Pictures - Pictures of Dinosaur Eggs - Dinosaurs
... our privacy policy for contact information. This dinosaur egg fragment contains the fossilized remains of a Citipati embryo. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.
Feathered Dinosaur Pictures - Dinosaurs - About.com
Citipati. Citipati. conchoraptor -. Conchoraptor. Conchoraptor. caudipteryx - American Museum of Natural History. Caudipteryx. Caudipteryx. eosinopteryx -.
Carnivorous Dinosaurs A to Z - About.com
This birdlike dinosaur has been known by three different names. Share. citipati - · Citipati Facts · This Mongolian theropod was a close relative of Oviraptor.
Oviraptor Picture - Dinosaurs - About.com
Oviraptor with a capital "O" refers to a specific genus of dinosaur, but small-o oviraptors comprise a whole family of Oviraptor-like theropods, including Citipati,  ...
A Complete List of Dinosaurs - About.com
Chungkingosaurus This early stegosaur had some primitive characteristics. Citipati This Mongolian theropod was a close relative of Oviraptor. Claosaurus This ...
10 Facts About Oviraptor - Dinosaurs - About.com
... theropod, but small-o "oviraptors" comprise a whole family of small, Oviraptor- like dinosaurs, including the allusively named Citipati, Conchoraptor and Khaan.
How Was Velociraptor Discovered? - Dinosaurs - About.com
... feathered dinosaurs closely related to Oviraptor, including Heyuannia, Citipati, Conchoraptor, and the (also) wonderfully named Khaan; and a vast assortment ...
DinoTrek Opens at Nashville Zoo - About.com
Mar 18, 2014 ... ... Citipati, Coelophysis, Dilophosaurus, Edmontonia, ​Pachyrhinosaurus, Plateosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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