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Chilantaisaurus was once thought to be closely related to the slightly earlier Allosaurus of North America, but it now seems that it may have been an early ...
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Chilantaisaurus was once thought to be closely related to the earlier Allosaurus from North America, but it now seems that it may have been an early member of ...
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... related to Shamosaurus. One of its contemporaries was the three-ton theropod Chilantaisaurus, with which it probably had a predator/prey relationship.
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chilantaisaurus - Getty Images. Chilantaisaurus. Chilantaisaurus · concavenator - Raul Martin. Concavenator. Concavenator · edmarka - Sergey Krasovskiy.
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Once classified as a species of Chilantaisaurus, Shaochilong has the honor of being the first identified "carcharodontosaur" from Asia--that is, a member of the ...
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