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Carnivorous Dinosaurs A to Z - About.com
Carnivorous dinosaurs--which included raptors, tyrannosaurs, ornithomimids, large theropods and small theropods (also known as "dino-birds")--were the most  ...
Carnivorous Dinosaur Pictures - Dinosaurs - About.com
Pictures, illustrations and photographs of various meat-eating dinosaurs, ranging from Abelisaurus to Tyrannotitan.
Types of Dinosaurs - Carnivorous and Herbivorous Dinosaurs and ...
An A-Z list of every dinosaur that ever lived, including herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs, avian and aquatic reptiles, and the primitive reptiles that preceded ...
A Complete List of Dinosaurs
A complete, alphabetical list of every dinosaur that ever lived during the Triassic, ... Albertosaurus This carnivorous dinosaur was a close relative of T. Rex.
The 10 Deadliest Dinosaurs
What set this theropod apart was its relatively big brain, compared to other carnivorous dinosaurs of the late Cretaceous period, and its presumed ability to hunt ...
Carnivorous Dinosaur Pictures - Dinosaurs - About.com
Pictures, illustrations and photographs of carnivorous dinosaurs, including tyrannosaurs, raptors, theropods and feathered "dino-birds." Tyrannosaur Pictures ...
The 15 Main Dinosaur Types - Dinosaurs - About.com
Tyrannosaurs and raptors made up only a small percentage of the bipedal, carnivorous dinosaurs known as theropods, which included such exotic families as ...
Zupaysaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
Judging by its single, incomplete specimen, Zupaysaurus appears to have been one of the earliest theropods, the two-legged, carnivorous dinosaurs of the late ...
Acrocanthosaurus - About.com Dinosaurs
As with other sail-backed dinosaurs, such as the slightly later Spinosaurus, experts are unsure about the function of Acrocanthosaurus' distinctive back ridge.
Dinosaurs A to Z - A Guide to the Various Types of Dinosaurs
Carnivorous Dinosaurs. Complete, A to Z lists and profiles of various types of carnivorous dinosaurs, including tyrannosaurs, raptors, and more. A Complete, A to ...
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