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Atlasaurus is only indirectly named after Atlas, the Titan of Greek myth who propped up the heavens on his back: this sauropod was discovered in Morocco's  ...
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The unusually long legs of Atlasaurus--longer than any other known genus of sauropod--point to its unmistakable kinship with the North American and Eurasian ...
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argentinosaurus -. Argentinosaurus. Argentinosaurus · atlasaurus -. Atlasaurus. Atlasaurus · barapasaurus - Wikimedia Commons. Barapasaurus. Barapasaurus.
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Herbivorous dinosaurs--which included sauropods, ankylosaurs, stegosaurs, hadrosaurs, pachycephalosaurs, ornithopods, ceratopsians and titanosaurs-- vastly ...
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Atlasaurus This sauropod had unusually long legs. Atlascopcosaurus Named after a manufacturer of digging equipment. Atrociraptor This "cruel thief" wasn't as  ...
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Argentinosaurus Possibly the largest herbivore that ever lived. Atlasaurus This sauropod had unusually long legs. Australodocus This sauropod was found in ...

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