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To date, one of the only known genera is Amazonsaurus, a moderately sized, early Cretaceous sauropod that seems to have been related to the North American ...
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A bizarre, spined sauropod from South America. Share. amazonsaurus -. Amazonsaurus Facts · One of the few dinosaurs to be found in the Amazon basin.
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Rebbachisaurus Facts · The Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals of Spain · Amazonsaurus Facts · Yaverlandia Facts · Sonorasaurus Facts · Dracovenator Facts ...
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... What Do You Call a 100-Ton Dinosaur With Armor Plating? Whatever it Wants You To · Jobaria Facts · Dinosaur Quiz - Sauropods · Amazonsaurus Facts ...
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Our Expert Recommends. Amazonsaurus Facts · Sauropods - The Biggest Dinosaurs · Titanosaurs - The Last of the Sauropods ...
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Abydosaurus A new sauropod from North America. Amazonsaurus One of the few dinosaurs to be found in the Amazon basin. Amphicoelias Could it have been  ...
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Amazonsaurus One of the few dinosaurs to be found in the Amazon basin. Ammosaurus This may (or may not) have been the same dinosaur as Anchisaurus.

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